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Trivia Quiz - First Aid

How about some questions and answers on First Aid?

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Date Submitted: January 22, 2012
Quiz Categories: Doctors & Medicine
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: patrickryan
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First Aid
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1. The ABCs of first aid: What is the 'A'?
  A.   Assessment
  B.   Avulsions
  C.   Airway
  D.   Attention

2. The ABCs of first aid: What is the 'B'?
  A.   Breeding
  B.   Breathing
  C.   Birthing
  D.   Bopping

3. The ABCs of first aid: What is the 'C'?
  A.   Call for help
  B.   Contractions
  C.   Check the area
  D.   Circulation

4. If someone is bleeding, a first responder typically attempts to use __________ first.
  A.   direct pressure
  B.   a tourniquet
  C.   intervenous coagulants
  D.   stitches

5. If someone is being electrocuted, what is the first thing the responder should do?
  A.   tackle the victim to get the victim free of the electricity
  B.   turn off the electrical power, if possible.
  C.   keep clear and call the power company.
  D.   B & C

6. How long can a typical person live if their breathing is stopped, without sustaining brain damage?
  A.   5 minutes
  B.   30 minutes
  C.   60 minutes
  D.   2 minutes

7. All of the below are first aid methods to control bleeding, EXCEPT:
  A.   direct pressure
  B.   pressure points
  C.   elevating the limb or wound
  D.   administrating coagulants

8. What condition can be caused by allergies or insect stings?
  A.   Anaphylaxis
  B.   Itchy skin and splotches
  C.   Werewolfisitis
  D.   Autism

9. If someone witnesses an accident, and then becomes unresponsive or shivers violently, they may be suffering from this dangerous medical condition:
  A.   Epilepsy
  B.   Shock
  C.   Hebejebies
  D.   Cold

10. If someone is in shock, what is the best thing to do?
  A.   keep them warm.
  B.   give them brandy.
  C.   call their parents.
  D.   give them a hot bath.®   

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