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Trivia Quiz - Alex Smith: San Francisco 49er QB

This is simply 10 questions about San Francisco 49er quarterback Alex Smith.

Quiz Number: 4269
Date Submitted: January 16, 2012
Quiz Categories: NFL Football
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: dartjock
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Quiz is about: Alex Smith

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Alex Smith San Francisco 49er QB
(Image Source: Alex Smith)

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1. What is Alex's middle name?
  A.   Douglas
  B.   Levi
  C.   Scott
  D.   Lee

2. Alex Smith was the #1 overall pick in what year's draft?
  A.   2003
  B.   2004
  C.   2005
  D.   2006

3. For what college did Alex play?
  A.   BYU Coutgars
  B.   Utah Utes
  C.   SMU Mustangs
  D.   Wyoming Cowboys

4. What San Francisco quarterback did Alex replace as a starter?
  A.   J.T. O'Sullivan
  B.   Shaun Hill
  C.   Troy Smith
  D.   Tim Rattay

5. What was Alex's career record as a starter in college?
  A.   18-6
  B.   22-0
  C.   21-1
  D.   20-4

6. Alex started 7 games for the 49ers in his rookie season throwing one touchdown pass and eleven interceptions. What team did he throw his only touchdown pass of the year against?
  A.   Houston Texans
  B.   Seattle Seahawks
  C.   St.Louis Rams
  D.   Arizona Cardinals

7. Who caught Alex's first career touchdown pass?
  A.   Michael Crabtree
  B.   Vernon Davis
  C.   Braylon Edwards
  D.   Brandon Lloyd

8. Who was the coach of the 49ers that bypassed Aaron Rodgers to draft Alex Smith?
  A.   Mike Nolan
  B.   Mike Singletary
  C.   Dennis Erickson
  D.   Jim Tomsula

9. Who was Alex's head coach when he played in college?
  A.   Lane Kiflin
  B.   Nick Saban
  C.   Urban Meyer
  D.   Joe Paterno

10. Alex, his father,and his brothers all have a tattoo of what in remembrance of Alex's grandfather?
  A.   A Celtic Cross
  B.   A Serbian Cross
  C.   A Cross
  D.   His Initials®   

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