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Trivia Quiz - San Francisco 49ers History & Facts

What do you know about the history of the San Francisco 49ers?

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Date Submitted: December 23, 2011
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San Francisco 49ers History  Facts
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1. What is the name of the San Francisco 49ers mascot?
  A.   Sourdough Sam
  B.   Freddie 49er
  C.   Yukon 49er
  D.   Franny 49er

2. The 49ers made their first-ever Super Bowl appearance in 1982. What team did they defeat?
  A.   Cleveland Browns
  B.   Denver Broncos
  C.   Pittsburgh Steelers
  D.   Cincinnati Bengals

3. Who was the first head coach of the San Francisco 49ers?
  A.   Red Hickey
  B.   Frankie Albert
  C.   Buck Shaw
  D.   Red Strader

4. Candlestick Park, home to the San Francisco 49ers beginning in 1971 has been known by a few other names. Which of the following was not one of them?
  A.   Monster Park
  B.   West Coast Park
  C.   San Francisco Stadium at Candlestick Point
  D.   3Com Park

5. What Hall of Fame quarterback led the 49ers to four Super Bowl championships (1982, 1985, 1989 and 1990)?
  A.   Gary Danielson
  B.   Steve Young
  C.   Joe Montana
  D.   Jim McMahon

6. Who was the first 49er player to be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame?
  A.   Leo Nomellini
  B.   Joe Perry
  C.   Hugh McElhenny
  D.   Both A and B

7. What are the San Francisco 49ers cheerleaders called?
  A.   The Prospectors
  B.   49erettes
  C.   Golden Girls
  D.   Gold Rush

8. What head coach led the 49ers to three Super Bowl championships between 1982 and 1989?
  A.   Bill Walsh
  B.   George Seifert
  C.   Steve Mariucci
  D.   Dick Nolan

9. What 49er was the first NFL player to gain 1,000 yards rushing and 1,000 yards receiving in the same season?
  A.   Moran Norris
  B.   Hugh McElhenny
  C.   Jerry Rice
  D.   Roger Craig

10. Between 2008 and 2011, the San Francisco 49ers had four head coaches. Which of the following was not one of them?
  A.   Mike Nolan
  B.   Mike Singletary
  C.   Jim Tomsula
  D.   Dennis Erickson®   

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