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Trivia Quiz - Phobias - "The Fear of..." Part 5

Guess the phobia!

Quiz Number: 4202
Date Submitted: December 18, 2011
Quiz Categories: Science & Nature, Doctors & Medicine
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: patrickryan
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Phobias  The Fear of... Part 5
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1. Selachophobia – fear of
  A.   falling
  B.   urine
  C.   bankers
  D.   sharks

2. Photophobia – an aversion to
  A.   pictures
  B.   movies
  C.   light
  D.   loafers

3. Ophthalmophobia – Fear of
  A.   eyeballs
  B.   tattoos
  C.   eye exams
  D.   being stared at

4. Pyrophobia – fear of
  A.   boy scouts
  B.   fire
  C.   cookware
  D.   milk

5. Omphalophobia – fear of
  A.   mothers
  B.   bellybuttons
  C.   dancing on ships
  D.   dog bones

6. Ichthyophobia – fear of
  A.   reptile diseases
  B.   whales
  C.   waterfowl
  D.   fish dinners

7. Ornithophobia – fear/dislike of
  A.   orny people
  B.   birds
  C.   taxes
  D.   washing machines

8. Mysophobia – fear of
  A.   dirt
  B.   asbestos
  C.   washing machines / laundaries
  D.   butterscotch

9. Gymnophobia – fear of
  A.   indoor sports
  B.   nudity
  C.   gynocologists
  D.   gymnastics

10. Chaetophobia – fear of
  A.   washing machines
  B.   turtles
  C.   scales
  D.   hair®   

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