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Trivia Quiz - Julius Caesar - Roman Superstar!

A quiz on the man who changed the face of the world through his many conquests and civil innovations.

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Date Submitted: October 06, 2011
Quiz Categories: Ancient History
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: grant228
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Quiz is about: Julius Caesar

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Julius Caesar  Roman Superstar
(Image Source: Julius Caesar)

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1. Born in 100 BC, Julius Caesar fled Rome in 81 BC due to the rise to power of which politician?
  A.   Sulla
  B.   Plutarch
  C.   Gaius Marius
  D.   Octavian

2. Upon his return to Rome in 78 BC, what measure did Caesar adopt to improve his popularity?
  A.   Generous pensions granted to ex-soldiers
  B.   Lowering of taxes
  C.   An improved water and sewage system
  D.   A lavish increase in spending as aedite

3. Julius Caesar originally shared power in Rome as part of a triumvirate with which two Romans?
  A.   Brutus and Cassius
  B.   Marcus Crassus and Pompey
  C.   Caesarion and Octavian
  D.   Gaius Antony and Plutarch

4. In 59 BC Caesar was made Consul and gained command of the armies stationed in which region?
  A.   Ottoman empire
  B.   Germanic empire
  C.   Gaul
  D.   Britain

5. Because of his accomplishments, jealousy grew and Julius Caesar was ordered to return to Rome as a private citizen. What did he do in response?
  A.   Continued his conquests, this time defeating the tribes of Britain
  B.   Fled to Egypt, thus commencing his affair with Cleopatra
  C.   Sent a messenger to Rome with his famous response "Veni, vidi, vici"
  D.   Crossed the Rubicon River with his army

6. Where did Julius Caesar and his forces defeat the army of Pompey in 48 BC?
  A.   Pharsalus
  B.   Epirus
  C.   Alexandria
  D.   Thapsus

7. In 45 BC Julius Caesar was bestowed with what title?
  A.   king
  B.   emperor
  C.   dictator for life
  D.   chief censor

8. In 44 BC on March 15, Julius Caesar was assassinated by a group of conspirators led by which two Romans?
  A.   Cicero and Augustus
  B.   Cicero and Brutus
  C.   Brutus and Cassius
  D.   Casca and Octavian

9. Which of the following was not one of the changes introduced by Julius Caesar during his reign?
  A.   Adoption of the Egyptian calendar
  B.   Introduction of income tax
  C.   Establishment of a police force
  D.   Provision of land for veterans

10. The establishment of the Roman Empire was ostensibly the result of Caesar's reign. Approximately how long did it last?
  A.   500 years
  B.   700 years
  C.   800 years
  D.   1500 years®   

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