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Trivia Quiz - Nicola Tesla: Inventor and Genius

inventor, mechanical engineer, and electrical engineer. He was an important contributor to the birth of commercial electricity, and is best known for his many revolutionary developments in the field of electromagnetism in the late 19th and early 20th cent

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Date Submitted: October 01, 2011
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Quiz is about: Nicola Tesla

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Nicola Tesla Inventor and Genius
(Image Source: Nicola Tesla @ GamesNet)

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1. Where was Nicola Tesla born (modern name)?
  A.   Germany
  B.   England
  C.   Russia
  D.   Croatia

2. Upon the opening of the telephone exchange in Budapest, 1881, Tesla worked in what position?
  A.   Chief Electrician
  B.   Chief Executive Officer
  C.   Executive Secretary of the President
  D.   Journeyman Wireman

3. In 1882 Tesla moved to Paris to work as an engineer for what company?
  A.   General Electric
  B.   General Dynamics
  C.   American Telegraph and Telephone Company, Inc.
  D.   Continental Edison Company

4. For what famous inventor did Nicola Tesla work in New York City when he arrived in 1884?
  A.   Edison
  B.   Westinghouse
  C.   Einstein
  D.   Morse

5. Why did Nicola Tesla leave his first job in New York City as an engineer?
  A.   A salary dispute
  B.   To attend college and finish his engineering degree
  C.   He married the bosses wife without permission
  D.   He was injured in an inudstrial accident

6. What was Telsa's vision for power generation that put him at odds with the electrical providers of the time?
  A.   AC polyphase versus DC distribution
  B.   Wireless transmission versus a power grid
  C.   Low voltage power versus high voltage power
  D.   Tesla wanted to use batteries and solar power rather than AC power

7. How did Nicola Tesla fare when he formed his own company - Tesla Electric Light & Manufacturing?
  A.   He became wealthy, and eventually sold the company for a profit
  B.   He was caught embezzling, and was prosecuted
  C.   He could not get funding, and the company folded
  D.   He was eventually relieved of his duties

8. Tesla began working for another famous electrical company in 1888; what company?
  A.   Edison Electric
  B.   Westinghouse Electric
  C.   Fermi Power Generation Systems
  D.   American Telegraph and Telephone

9. One of the many apparatus with which Tesla experimented and refined was:
  A.   death rays
  B.   x-ray generators
  C.   light sabers
  D.   plasma generator weapons

10. Nicola Tesla received his last patent in 1928 for an apparatus used for aerial transportation. This was the first instance of what?
  A.   Saucer-shaped craft
  B.   Vertical take off and landing airplanes
  C.   Helicopters
  D.   Rocket ships®   

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