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Trivia Quiz - Roy Davenport: WWII Submarine Skipper

Roy Milton Davenport (June 18, 1909 – December 24, 1987) was an officer in the United States Navy, submarine force.

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Date Submitted: September 10, 2011
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Author: patrickryan
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Quiz is about: Roy Davenport

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Roy Davenport WWII Submarine Skipper
(Image Source: Roy Davenport Public Domain Photo)

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1. Davenport was dubbed the "praying skipper." why?
  A.   He was a priest that renounced his vows.
  B.   He was always afraid when underway.
  C.   He was so daring his crew would pray continuously.
  D.   He was a Christian Scientist

2. How many Navy Cross medals did Davenport earn as a submarine CO?
  A.   2
  B.   4
  C.   5
  D.   6

3. Which battleship was Davenport assigned to in 1933, after graduating from the Naval Academy?
  A.   USS Arizona
  B.   USS Missouri
  C.   USS Texas
  D.   USS New Jersey

4. What position did Davenport hold during the first 4 war patrols he was on the USS Silversides?
  A.   Deck Officer
  B.   Executive Officer
  C.   Commanding Officer
  D.   Observer / Trainee

5. Heavily bombed by the Japanese, what did Davenport do that saved the USS Silversides?
  A.   Removed a cotter key to release the dive planes
  B.   Blew ballast, and surfaced the boat
  C.   Reversed the propellers; back emergency
  D.   Abandoned the ship, saving the crew

6. How did Davenport seal a damaged conning tower hatch, preventing catastrophic flooding of the USS Haddock?
  A.   Whacked the hatch with a sledge hammer
  B.   He installed "c" clamps and a welder welded the hatch shut
  C.   Wrapped it in marlin twine and oakum
  D.   Evacuated the conning tower, and allowed it to free-flood

7. As CO of the USS Haddock, Davenport attacked and damaged what type of ship, earning him one of his Navy Cross decorations?
  A.   A Japanese escort carrier
  B.   A Japanese battleship
  C.   A German battleship
  D.   A convoy of Italian tankers and escort destroyers

8. Davenport's cousin, Maxwell Taylor, served in the military under President Kennedy. What was his position?
  A.   Commanding Officer, 101st Airbourne
  B.   C-in-C Submarine Force
  C.   Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
  D.   Chief of Naval Operation

9. What other submarine did Davenport command to great effect during WWII?
  A.   USS Barb
  B.   USS Wahoo
  C.   USS Trepang
  D.   USS Nautilus

10. After this, his tenth war patrol, Davenport requested shore duty; what did he do for shore duty?
  A.   Navy Chaplain, Pearl Harbor
  B.   Assistant Chief of Naval Operations, Submarine Warfare
  C.   Honorable Discharge to work on the Manhattan Project
  D.   Maritime engineering instructor at Annapolis®   

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