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Trivia Quiz - Phobias - "The Fear of..." Part 2

More quirky fears some people somewhere suffer.

Quiz Number: 3958
Date Submitted: June 13, 2011
Quiz Categories: Science & Nature, Doctors & Medicine
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: grant228
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Times Taken: 47 times
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Phobias  The Fear of... Part 2
(Image Source: Fear of Flying)

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1. Someone with xenophobia suffers fear of what?
  A.   strong women
  B.   foreigners
  C.   X rays
  D.   gas

2. If you have gymnophobia, what do you fear?
  A.   the opposite sex
  B.   exercise
  C.   intimacy
  D.   nudity

3. A person with dipsomania is fearful of what?
  A.   drinking
  B.   driving cars
  C.   diving
  D.   dogs

4. Logophobia is an aversion to what?
  A.   mathematics
  B.   lumber
  C.   words
  D.   telephones

5. Thanatophobia is a fear most of us share. What basic fear does it cover?
  A.   dentist
  B.   death
  C.   spiders
  D.   snakes

6. A person with spermaphobia has a fear of what?
  A.   whales
  B.   seeds
  C.   sexual intercourse
  D.   germs

7. Someone with demophobia has a fear of what?
  A.   government
  B.   politics
  C.   crowds
  D.   demons

8. Astraphobia is a fear of what?
  A.   lightning
  B.   stars
  C.   space ships falling
  D.   flying

9. If you suffer from brontophobia, what frightens you?
  A.   thunder
  B.   lizards
  C.   music
  D.   oceans

10. A person with ergasiophobia has an aversion to what?
  A.   heat
  B.   camels
  C.   work
  D.   car accidents®   

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