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Trivia Quiz - The Waltons: Rural Virginia Family Part 3

Join the family on Walton's mountain.

Quiz Number: 3916
Date Submitted: April 11, 2011
Quiz Categories: American TV Dramas
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: Jobee1k
Average Score: 87.7 percent
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The Waltons Rural Virginia Family Part 3
(Image Source: The Waltons)

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1. Who is the eldest Walton son?
  A.   Grandpa
  B.   John-Boy
  C.   Ben
  D.   Jason

2. Who is the youngest Walton daughter?
  A.   Elizabeth
  B.   Mary-Ellen
  C.   Erin
  D.   Grandma

3. In what state is "The Waltons" set?
  A.   California
  B.   North Carolina
  C.   Utah
  D.   Virginia

4. What is Grandpa Walton's first name?
  A.   Zebulon
  B.   Jebidiah
  C.   Joseph
  D.   Ezekiel

5. Which of the Walton boys wants to be a pilot?
  A.   John-Boy
  B.   Ben
  C.   Jason
  D.   Jim-Bob

6. What is John's wife's first name?
  A.   Ophelia
  B.   Olympia
  C.   Olivia
  D.   Orlanda

7. Which of the Walton boys gets a music scholarship?
  A.   Jim-Bob
  B.   Ben
  C.   John-Boy
  D.   Jason

8. What type of business do the Waltons run?
  A.   fishing and hunting tours
  B.   tv stars
  C.   taxi sevice
  D.   sawmill

9. What actor played John Walton?
  A.   Will Geer
  B.   Ralph Waite
  C.   James Garner
  D.   Andy Griffith

10. Who is the eldest Walton daughter?
  A.   Olivia
  B.   Elizabeth
  C.   Erin
  D.   Mary Ellen®   

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