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Trivia Quiz - Freaky Friday: (1976)

Here's a quiz on an old Jodie Foster classic, the original version of the movie.

Quiz Number: 3909
Date Submitted: April 05, 2011
Quiz Categories: Movies, Comedy Movies
Quiz Type: Movie Quiz
Author: zendyk
Average Score: 65.9 percent
Times Taken: 95 times
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Freaky Friday (1976)
(Image Source: Freaky Friday)

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1. What was the name of the resort Annabel's father was developing?
  A.   Isle of the Whispering Winds
  B.   Ocean Marina
  C.   White Lagoon
  D.   Paradise Bay

2. What was the name of the Andrews' dog?
  A.   Ben
  B.   Duke
  C.   George
  D.   Max

3. One school day Annabel's mother attended her daughter's classes. Which of the following was NOT one of those classes?
  A.   band
  B.   field hockey
  C.   geometry
  D.   typing

4. Where did Annabel keep her change?
  A.   in her bra
  B.   in her pocket
  C.   in her purse
  D.   in her sock

5. Annabel once did this to the boy next door:
  A.   cut his head open with a shovel
  B.   dropped a bowling ball on his big toe
  C.   dumped a pitcher of lemonade over his head
  D.   threw a rock which gashed his forehead

6. What did Annabel call her little brother?
  A.   Amoeba Brain
  B.   Ape Face
  C.   Shrimpo
  D.   Squirt

7. Annabel's "New Orleans Casserole" contained all of the following except:
  A.   cat kibble
  B.   green noodles
  C.   Tabasco sauce
  D.   tuna

8. What was the name of the boy next door that Annabel liked?
  A.   Beau
  B.   Boris
  C.   Chris
  D.   Dennis

9. Annabel's favorite breakfast was:
  A.   a Baby Ruth and a milkshake
  B.   a peanut butter and banana sandwich
  C.   a Rum Raisin banana split
  D.   Sugar-Coated Snappy Krackles

10. According to Annabel's father, Annabel was one of the best in the state as a:
  A.   dancer
  B.   hockey player
  C.   typist
  D.   water skier®   

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