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Trivia Quiz - Employees at Nationstar Mortgage in Johnson City

Fun and interesting way to get to know your co-workers!

Quiz Number: 3901
Date Submitted: April 01, 2011
Quiz Categories: Your Work Place Quizzes
Quiz Type: People Quiz
Author: Nationstar Johnson City
Average Score: 47.9 percent
Times Taken: 24 times
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Employees at Nationstar Mortgage in Johnson City

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1. This employee enjoys some metal (dark stuff) music.
  A.   Paul Farrior
  B.   Lisa Rogers
  C.   Kathi Couch
  D.   Dawanna King

2. This employee collects The Wizard of Oz memorabilia and antique tea pots.
  A.   Terri Dugger
  B.   Paul Farrior
  C.   Susan Bright
  D.   Brooke Haynes

3. This employee was extremely, extremely shy and backward until they hit their 20s.
  A.   Rhonda Mullins
  B.   Susan Bright
  C.   Jase Edens
  D.   Breena Reed

4. This employee's father designed part of the rocket that put the first man on the moon
  A.   Dawanna King
  B.   Jase Edens
  C.   Connie Higgins
  D.   Terri Williams

5. This employee loved and owned snakes until, as a teenager, was bitten by one and now... not so much.
  A.   Connie Higgins
  B.   Terri Dugger
  C.   Regina Harvey
  D.   Kathi Couch

6. This employee is allergic to Nutter Butter Peanut Butter cookies
  A.   Rhonda Mullins
  B.   Kathi Couch
  C.   Connie Higgins
  D.   Breena Reed

7. This employee replied, "I don't have any secrets. I am a boring person!"
  A.   Terri Dugger
  B.   Connie Higgins
  C.   Rhonda Mullins
  D.   Jase Edens

8. This employee was kicked out of a Vegas casino for drinking under-age.
  A.   Brooke Haynes
  B.   Paul Farrior
  C.   Terri Williams
  D.   Jase Edens

9. This employee has held the high school record in the 110 low hurdles for 30 years. They placed second in the state meet with a time of 14.3.
  A.   Terri Williams
  B.   Connie Higgins
  C.   Dawanna King
  D.   Regina Harvey

10. This employee is the shortest employee at Nationstar Mortgage Johnson City/Sevierville.
  A.   Jase Edens
  B.   How knows!?
  C.   Brooke Haynes
  D.   Kathi Couch®    Introduction    Privacy Policy    Conditions of Use    

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