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Trivia Quiz - Disney's The Kid

One of my favorite Bruce Willis films, "The Kid" is wonderful for the whole family. Great story!

Quiz Number: 3873
Date Submitted: March 10, 2011
Quiz Categories: Movies
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: zendyk
Average Score: 64.2 percent
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Disneys The Kid
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1. On an airplane, Russ told an anchor woman she would be promoted in 6 months if she:
  A.   said "ya'll"
  B.   stopped using perfume
  C.   wore a wig
  D.   used blue contact lenses

2. Russ told Janet that he wanted his home security system to include all of the following except:
  A.   big, scary Rottweilers
  B.   charred flesh for intruders
  C.   evil trolls
  D.   a moat with lava

3. What was the name of the "disappearing" diner?
  A.   Red Baron Diner
  B.   Skyline Diner
  C.   Runway Diner
  D.   Skyway Diner

4. Rusty always planned on having a dog named:
  A.   Charlie
  B.   Chester
  C.   Lester
  D.   Travis

5. According to Russ, there's safety in:
  A.   contact with the outside world
  B.   not thinking about one's past
  C.   powerful medication
  D.   a sandwich

6. What was Russell Duritz's middle name?
  A.   Clayton
  B.   Joseph
  C.   Morley
  D.   Samuel

7. How many times did Rusty move during his childhood?
  A.   four
  B.   twelve
  C.   eight
  D.   none

8. When Janet couldn't make Rusty disappear, she said she had forgotten her:
  A.   book of spells
  B.   magic bra and panties
  C.   special assistant cape
  D.   magic hat and wand

9. According to Rusty, Tim Wheaton's house smelled like:
  A.   bacon
  B.   a cat box
  C.   fish sticks
  D.   perfume

10. When Russell starts to change, he does all of the following except:
  A.   buys a puppy
  B.   pays for Janet and her husband to go to Hawaii
  C.   quits his job
  D.   volunteers to help his dad move®   

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