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Trivia Quiz - The High Chaparral: The Story

One more quiz about one of the great westerns. I love "The High Chaparral"!

Quiz Number: 3843
Date Submitted: February 13, 2011
Quiz Categories: TV Dramas
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: phonerec
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The High Chaparral The Story
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1. Why did John Cannon marry Victoria?
  A.   It was love at first sight
  B.   He felt sorry for her because she was considered an old maid.
  C.   It was a condition for a truce between he and Don Sebastian.
  D.   He needed a housekeeper

2. Why did Victoria agree to marry John?
  A.   It was love at first sight
  B.   To please her father
  C.   To get away from her father
  D.   For a chance to live in America

3. Which Indian tribe did the ranch fight?
  A.   Commanche
  B.   Cherokee
  C.   Apache
  D.   Seminole

4. Buck and Manolito buy a ranch of their own. What did they name it?
  A.   The M-C Ranch
  B.   The Cannon Montoya Ranch
  C.   The Montoya Cannon Ranch
  D.   The C-M Ranch

5. For which ranch hand does Doc Holliday pull a tooth?
  A.   Sam
  B.   Vaquero
  C.   Pedro
  D.   Joe

6. How did Blue react upon meeting Victoria?
  A.   He embraced her right away
  B.   He was distant and hostile
  C.   He didn't care one way or the other
  D.   He fell in love with her himself

7. Why did Manolito move to the High Chaparral?
  A.   To protect Victoria
  B.   His father kicked him out
  C.   He wanted to live in America
  D.   He needed a job

8. When they first marry, what do John and Victoria call each other?
  A.   John and Victoria
  B.   Johnny and Vicky
  C.   Honey and Sweetie
  D.   Mr. and Mrs. Cannon

9. In "A Quiet Day in Tucson", what does Blue set out to buy?
  A.   Hat
  B.   Boots
  C.   Vest
  D.   Saddle

10. In "A Hanging Offense" who takes over Blues defense on his murder charge?
  A.   Buck
  B.   Manolito
  C.   John
  D.   He defends himself®   

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