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Trivia Quiz - The Never War

"The Never War" was written by D.J. MacHale and published by Aladdin in 2003. This is a quiz about the book.

Quiz Number: 3814
Date Submitted: January 21, 2011
Quiz Categories: Fiction Books
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: bbdd411
Average Score: 58 percent
Times Taken: 41 times
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The Never War
(Image Source: "The Never War")

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1. Where is Uncle Press buried?
  A.   On First Earth
  B.   On Second Earth
  C.   On Cloral
  D.   He isn't buried; he just vanishes

2. Who does Bobby finally meet face to face on Veelox?
  A.   Amy Killian
  B.   Aja Killian
  C.   Saint Dane
  D.   No One

3. What year is it on First Earth?
  A.   1935
  B.   1937
  C.   1936
  D.   1998

4. Who is not a major character in this book?
  A.   Saint Dane
  B.   Aja Killian
  C.   Gunny VanDyke
  D.   Max Rose

5. What is LZ-129?
  A.   Ludwig Zell-129
  B.   Luft Zeppelin-129
  C.   The Hindenburg
  D.   Both B and C

6. What form doesn't Saint Dane take in the book?
  A.   Esther Amadan
  B.   A raven
  C.   A gangster
  D.   Jinx Olsen

7. Who is the traveler from Third Earth?
  A.   Patrick
  B.   Peter
  C.   Patricia
  D.   Patty

8. What is the only paper book left on Third Earth
  A.   Gone With the Wind
  B.   Green Eggs and Ham
  C.   Moby Dick
  D.   The Cat in the Hat

9. What was Saint Dane's plan?
  A.   Get Bobby to save the Hindenburg
  B.   Get Bobby to blow up the Hindenburg
  C.   Kill Bobby
  D.   Kill Gunny

10. How does Max Rose die?
  A.   Car Accident
  B.   Assasination
  C.   He ran into the burning wreckage of the Hindenburg
  D.   Heart attack®   

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