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Trivia Quiz - Bewitched: The 1960s Sitcom

This is an easy Bewitched quiz!

Quiz Number: 379
Date Submitted: May 11, 2006
Quiz Categories: Bewitched
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: dana
Average Score: 89 percent
Times Taken: 996 times
Taken by Registered Users: 89

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Bewitched The 1960s Sitcom
(Image Source: Bewitched at TV Crazy)

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1. What was Samantha and Darrin's daughter's name?
  A.   Teresa
  B.   Tamara
  C.   Tabitha
  D.   Thelma

2. What type of work did Darrin do?
  A.   advertising executive
  B.   accountant
  C.   stock broker
  D.   financial analyst

3. What was Endora's favorite nickname for Darrin?
  A.   Dummy
  B.   Doodles
  C.   Darvin
  D.   Durwood

4. What was Samantha's uncle's name?
  A.   Uncle Arthur
  B.   Uncle Alfred
  C.   Uncle Albert
  D.   Uncle Adrian

5. Who was the "doctor" that Sam and Endora occasionally summoned up in case of emergency?
  A.   Dr. Bonzo
  B.   Dr. Bombay
  C.   Dr. Boomer
  D.   Dr. Bombadeer

6. Who was Samantha's mod, counter-cultural cousin?
  A.   Salina
  B.   Sabrina
  C.   Serena
  D.   Simona

7. Who was Gladys Kravitz?
  A.   Darrin's secretary
  B.   Samantha's high school friend
  C.   Samantha's witch "consultant"
  D.   the Stephens' neurotic nosey neighbor

8. Who was Samantha's sweet but forgetful Aunt?
  A.   Aunt Carrie
  B.   Aunt Clara
  C.   Aunt Cathy
  D.   Aunt Cindy

9. What was the name of the firm for which Darrin worked?
  A.   Endora Associates
  B.   McMann & McMann
  C.   Tate & Tate
  D.   McMann & Tate

10. What was Samantha and Darrin's son's name?
  A.   Aaron
  B.   Alan
  C.   Andrew
  D.   Adam®   

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