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Trivia Quiz - Meet Me In St. Louis: Part 2

Here's the second half of my quiz on this delightful Judy Garland film.

Quiz Number: 3782
Date Submitted: January 09, 2011
Quiz Categories: Musical Movies
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: zendyk
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Meet Me In St. Louis Part 2
(Image Source: Meet Me In St. Louis Poster)

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1. Whom did Tootie "kill" on Halloween night?
  A.   The Braukoffs
  B.   The Ferrises
  C.   The Mitchells
  D.   The Truetts

2. What was Tootie's explanation of how her lip was hurt?
  A.   John Truett tried to kill her.
  B.   Mr. Braukoff's dog bit her.
  C.   She got burned while throwing a chair into the bonfire.
  D.   She got hit by the trolley.

3. What kind of cake did Katie make on Halloween?
  A.   butter pecan
  B.   hazelnut
  C.   hickory nut
  D.   walnut

4. What announcement did Mr. Smith make to his family on Halloween night?
  A.   The family was moving to New York.
  B.   He had lost his job.
  C.   He received a promotion.
  D.   He had won a difficult case.

5. With whom did Lonnie want to go to the dance?
  A.   Lucille Ballard
  B.   Lucy Ferris
  C.   Ellen Mitchell
  D.   Lucille Sheffield

6. What did Agnes want for Christmas?
  A.   ice skates
  B.   a hunting knife
  C.   a new doll
  D.   a sled

7. Why did John break his date with Esther?
  A.   his aunt was in the hospital
  B.   he had a basketball game
  C.   he was too late to pick up his tuxedo from the tailor
  D.   he went with another girl

8. With whom did Esther first dance at the dance?
  A.   Hugo Boorvis
  B.   Clinton Badger
  C.   Sidney Gorcey
  D.   her brother, Lon

9. When did John propose to Esther?
  A.   Christmas Eve
  B.   Easter
  C.   Halloween
  D.   New Year's Eve

10. Of all the seasons depicted in the film, only one spanned more than a day. Which season was it?
  A.   fall
  B.   spring
  C.   summer
  D.   winter®   

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