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Trivia Quiz - Meet Me In St. Louis: Part 1

This entertaining musical starring Judy Garland is so engaging, I had to make it a two parter. Enjoy!

Quiz Number: 3781
Date Submitted: January 09, 2011
Quiz Categories: Musical Movies
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: zendyk
Average Score: 73.1 percent
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Meet Me In St. Louis Part 1
(Image Source: Meet Me In St. Louis)

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1. The film spans a year in the life of the Smith family. In which season does the story begin?
  A.   autumn
  B.   spring
  C.   summer
  D.   winter

2. What are Katie and Anna making in the opening scene?
  A.   ketchup
  B.   strawberry preserves
  C.   tomato sauce
  D.   tomato soup

3. What is the Smith's address?
  A.   5351 Bennington Ave.
  B.   5133 Kensington Ave.
  C.   3315 Princeton Ave.
  D.   5135 Kensington Ave.

4. From where did Warren Sheffield call Rose?
  A.   Baltimore
  B.   Chicago
  C.   New York
  D.   Philadelphia

5. What was the name of Mr. Neely's horse?
  A.   Bobbin
  B.   Dobbin
  C.   Hannah
  D.   Robin

6. What did Tootie leave on the stairs for her father to trip over?
  A.   a ball
  B.   a doll
  C.   jacks
  D.   a roller skate

7. According to Rose, men don't want:
  A.   a woman who tells them what to do.
  B.   the bloom rubbed off.
  C.   girls who smoke
  D.   to do the dishes

8. "I was _____ last night, dear Mother."
  A.   cold
  B.   drunk
  C.   late
  D.   out

9. What dance did Tootie and Esther do at Lon's farewell party?
  A.   Cake Walk
  B.   Foxtrot
  C.   Hesitation Waltz
  D.   Two Step

10. Where did Esther hide John's hat?
  A.   in a bush out back
  B.   in the bread box
  C.   under a chair
  D.   in the closet®   

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