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Trivia Quiz - The Flintstones Basics

See how well you do with these easy Flintstone questions!

Quiz Number: 372
Date Submitted: May 07, 2006
Quiz Categories: Animated TV Series & Cartoons
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: charles
Average Score: 93.8 percent
Times Taken: 865 times
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The Flintstones Basics
(Image Source: The Flintstones)

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1. Who was Fred's boss?
  A.   Ms. Sediment
  B.   Mr. Slate
  C.   Ms. Gravel
  D.   Mr. Slag

2. What was the Flintstone's dog's name?
  A.   Spot
  B.   Dino
  C.   Rex
  D.   Bronto

3. Who was Fred's wife's best friend?
  A.   Betty
  B.   Bonnie
  C.   Betsy
  D.   Barb

4. Fred was a member of what men's club?
  A.   The Fraternal Order of the Musk Ox
  B.   The Fraternal Order of the Pterodactyl
  C.   The Loyal Order of the Saber Tooth Tigers
  D.   The Loyal Order of Water Buffaloes

5. What was Fred's wife's name?
  A.   Wennie
  B.   Sasha
  C.   Wilma
  D.   Jane

6. What was Fred's favorite pasttime?
  A.   bowling
  B.   tennis
  C.   golf
  D.   cycling

7. What was the Flintstone's daughter's name?
  A.   Cindy
  B.   Sandy
  C.   Gravels
  D.   Pebbles

8. What was the name of the town in which the Flintstone's lived?
  A.   Granite Town
  B.   Rock City
  C.   Bedrock
  D.   Gravel Bed

9. What was the Rubble's son's name?
  A.   Boomer
  B.   Skippy
  C.   Bam-Bam
  D.   Buster

10. Who was Fred's best friend?
  A.   Bernie
  B.   Bennie
  C.   Barney
  D.   Betty®   

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