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Trivia Quiz - English Proverbs

Choose the correct ending for these English proverbs.

Quiz Number: 3673
Date Submitted: December 12, 2010
Quiz Categories: Literature
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: FRANKL1965
Average Score: 83.3 percent
Times Taken: 30 times
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English Proverbs
(Image Source: Proverbs)

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1. "All that glitters..."
  A.   Is eternal vigilance
  B.   Makes us stronger
  C.   Is not gold
  D.   Is the thief of time

2. "Absence makes the heart..."
  A.   Spoil the broth
  B.   Beat faster
  C.   Grow fonder
  D.   Skip a beat

3. "A stitch in time..."
  A.   Catches the worm
  B.   Is mightier than the sword
  C.   Waits for no man
  D.   Saves nine

4. "Don't throw the baby out..."
  A.   Till the fat lady sings
  B.   With the bath water
  C.   Least ye be judged
  D.   With the honey and vinegar

5. "Birds of a feather..."
  A.   Fly south for the winter
  B.   Eat worms in December
  C.   Flock together
  D.   Don't fall far from the tree

6. "An ounce of prevention is..."
  A.   Always the best medicine
  B.   Worth a pound of cure
  C.   Is another man's poison
  D.   Is worth ten pressed men

7. Hell hath no fury..."
  A.   Heaven hath no peace
  B.   For those who wait
  C.   To those who turneth away wrath
  D.   Like a woman scorned

8. "Spare the rod and..."
  A.   Spoil the child
  B.   Spare the feelings
  C.   Warm the heart
  D.   Tell no lies

9. "Time and tide..."
  A.   Is on your side
  B.   Wait for no man
  C.   Tell no tales
  D.   Make the man

10. "Fish and guests..."
  A.   Are never off the hook
  B.   Will eventually leave
  C.   Are always welcome
  D.   Smell after three days®   

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