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Trivia Quiz - The Powerpuff Girls: Series Basics

What do you know about the Powerpuff Girls?

Quiz Number: 3640
Date Submitted: December 05, 2010
Quiz Categories: Animated TV Series & Cartoons
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: FRANKL1965
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The Powerpuff Girls Series Basics
(Image Source: The Powerpuff Girls)

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1. Who is responsible for chemically creating the Powerpuff Girls in his laboratory?
  A.   Dr. Megamind
  B.   Professor Utonium
  C.   Opressor Plutonium
  D.   Professor Dick Hardly

2. Which ingredient was inadvertantly added to the mix while creating the Powerpuff Girls, is responsible for giving them their superpowers?
  A.   Sugar
  B.   Chemical X
  C.   Everything nice
  D.   Spice

3. Who is the self-proclaimed leader of the Powerpuff Girls?
  A.   Blossom
  B.   Bluebell
  C.   Bubbles
  D.   Buttercup

4. What is the name of the kindergarten school that the Powerpuff Girls attend?
  A.   Townsville Elementary
  B.   Pokey Oaks
  C.   Shady Brook
  D.   Sunnyside

5. What was the name of the Powerpuff Girls' kindergarten teacher?
  A.   Mr. McCracken
  B.   Ms. Sara Bellum
  C.   Ms. Keane
  D.   Mrs. Pinkerton

6. What is the name of the bully at the Powerpuff Girls' school?
  A.   Rainbow the Clown
  B.   Mitch
  C.   Elmer
  D.   Barney

7. Which chimp and former lab assistant became the Powerpuff Girls' archenemy?
  A.   Boomer
  B.   Congo Bongo
  C.   Mojo Jojo
  D.   Kokomo

8. Which of these villians was the first to be introduced on the series?
  A.   Fuzzy Lumpkins
  B.   Him
  C.   Sedusa
  D.   Princess Morbucks

9. Who was the leader of the green-colored villians known as the Gangreen Gang?
  A.   Snake
  B.   Grubber
  C.   Ace
  D.   Big Billy

10. Which of these characters was NOT one of The Amoeba Boys, a gang of brainless criminals who longed to be super villians?
  A.   Bossman
  B.   Junior
  C.   Knuckles
  D.   Slim®   

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