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Trivia Quiz - Bone Anatomy: Where are the Bones?

Can you identify the part of the human body where these bones can be found?

Quiz Number: 3634
Date Submitted: December 04, 2010
Quiz Categories: Science & Nature
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: FRANKL1965
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Bone Anatomy Where are the Bones
(Image Source: Skeleton Figurine)

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1. Ossicle:
  A.   Finger
  B.   Ear
  C.   Leg
  D.   Arm

2. Hyoid:
  A.   Cranium
  B.   Neck
  C.   Toe
  D.   Heel

3. Scapula:
  A.   Shoulder
  B.   Forearm
  C.   Upper arm
  D.   Foot

4. Coccyx:
  A.   Thigh
  B.   Spine (base)
  C.   Shin
  D.   Upper arm

5. Ulna:
  A.   Forearm
  B.   Hand
  C.   Shoulder
  D.   Chest

6. Patella:
  A.   Ankle
  B.   Knee
  C.   Thigh
  D.   Toe

7. Ilium:
  A.   Skull
  B.   Finger
  C.   Jaw
  D.   Pelvis

8. Clavicle:
  A.   Neck
  B.   Forearm
  C.   Shoulder
  D.   Pelvis

9. Radius:
  A.   Thigh
  B.   Shoulder
  C.   Skull
  D.   Forearm

10. Sacrum:
  A.   Pelvis
  B.   Knee
  C.   Foot
  D.   Lower leg®   

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