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Trivia Quiz - Stephen Marley: Trivia for Reggae Fans

This quiz includes random trivia facts about reggae artist Stephen Marley.

Quiz Number: 3571
Date Submitted: November 18, 2010
Quiz Categories: Reggae
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: bobfan45
Average Score: 55 percent
Times Taken: 40 times
Taken by Registered Users: 1
Quiz is about: Stephen Marley

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Stephen Marley Trivia for Reggae Fans
(Image Source: Stephen Marley by Flickr User David K K)

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1. Bob Marley had several children with his wife, Rita Marley. Chronologically, what number is his son Stephen Marley?
  A.   oldest
  B.   second youngest
  C.   third
  D.   youngest

2. Stephen Marley made his official debut in what music group?
  A.   Marley Muzic
  B.   The Melody Makers
  C.   The Rasta Revolution
  D.   The Urban Legends

3. Stephen Marley is known by what nickname?
  A.   Mr. Marley
  B.   Rude Boy
  C.   Raggamuffin
  D.   Young Marley

4. The Stephen Marley single "Hey Baby" is from what album?
  A.   Play the Game Right
  B.   Mind Control
  C.   Stephen Marley and the Melody Makers
  D.   Stephen Marley Live

5. Stephen Marley collaborated with which sibling on the "Welcome to Jamrock" album?
  A.   Damian Marley
  B.   Julian Marley
  C.   Ziggy Marley
  D.   Cedella Marley

6. Where was Stephen Marley born?
  A.   Kingston Jamaica
  B.   Nine Miles, Jamaica
  C.   Los Angeles California
  D.   Wilmington, Delaware

7. In 2003, with whom did Stephen collaborate on the "Educated Fools" album?
  A.   Lady Saw
  B.   Junior Marvin
  C.   Ziggy Marley
  D.   Damian Marley

8. In what year was Stephen Marley's born?
  A.   1968
  B.   1970
  C.   1972
  D.   1974

9. In 2009, Stephen Marley toured with Snoop Dogg and Slightly Stoopid on what tour?
  A.   Ghetto Youths
  B.   Babylon By Bus
  C.   Blazed and Confused
  D.   Spirit of Music

10. The Stephen Marley "Mind Control" album won a Grammy in what year?
  A.   2005
  B.   2004
  C.   2007
  D.   2009®    Introduction    Privacy Policy    Conditions of Use    

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