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Trivia Quiz - NFL Quarterbacks: Retired Gridiron Greats

See what you know about some of the NFL's greatest quarterbacks. QB ir not QB? That is the Question!

Quiz Number: 3569
Date Submitted: November 17, 2010
Quiz Categories: NFL Football
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: FRANKL1965
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NFL Quarterbacks Retired Gridiron Greats
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1. Which of these retired "gridiron greats" was NOT an NFL quarterback?
  A.   Otto Graham
  B.   Jan Stenerud
  C.   Bob Waterfield
  D.   Bobby Layne

2. Which of these retired NFL quarterbacks did NOT throw the ball left handed?
  A.   Ken Stabler
  B.   Steve Young
  C.   Mark Brunell
  D.   Phil Simms

3. Which of these retired NFL quarterbacks did NOT wear #16?
  A.   Y.A. Tittle
  B.   George Blanda
  C.   Joe Montana
  D.   Jim Plunkett

4. Which of these retired NFL quarterbacks is NOT in the NFL hall of fame?
  A.   Sammy Baugh
  B.   John "Paddy" Driscoll
  C.   John Elway
  D.   Joe Theismann

5. Which of these retired NFL quarterbacks did not played for the New York Jets?
  A.   Jeff Hostetler
  B.   Richard Todd
  C.   Ron Jaworski
  D.   Ken O'Brien

6. Which of the following retired NFL quarterbacks had the most wins? (148)
  A.   Dan Marino
  B.   John Elway
  C.   Terry Bradshaw
  D.   Johnny Unitas

7. Which retired NFL quarterback played for only one team in his 16-year career?
  A.   Bart Starr
  B.   Joe Montana
  C.   Len Dawson
  D.   Roman Gabriel

8. Which retired NFL quarterback began their career with the Chicago Bears and ended with the Green Bay Packers?
  A.   Mike Tomczak
  B.   Jim McMahon
  C.   Jim Harbaugh
  D.   Sid Luckman

9. Which of these retired NFL quarterbacks was sacked the most times in one game,(12)?
  A.   Bernie Kosar
  B.   Warren Moon
  C.   Joe Namath
  D.   Sonny Jurgensen

10. Which of these retired NFL quarterbacks did NOT start their career in the USFL?
  A.   Jim Kelly
  B.   Doug Flutie
  C.   Steve Young
  D.   Vinny Testaverde®   

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