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Trivia Quiz - Quincy, M.E.: The Series

See what you remember about the hit show, Quincy M.E.!

Quiz Number: 3562
Date Submitted: November 15, 2010
Quiz Categories: TV Dramas
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: FRANKL1965
Average Score: 83.1 percent
Times Taken: 211 times
Taken by Registered Users: 7

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Quincy M.E. The Series
(Image Source: "Qunicy, M.E.")

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1. Which actor played the part of Quincy, M.E.?
  A.   Pernell Roberts
  B.   Jack Klugman
  C.   Randolph Mantooth
  D.   Buddy Ebsen

2. In which California city was Dr. Quincy a medical examiner?
  A.   Los Angeles
  B.   San Diego
  C.   Santa Barbara
  D.   Thousand Oaks

3. What was the name of Quincy's deceased first wife?
  A.   Margaret
  B.   Helen
  C.   Emily
  D.   Dawn

4. During the opening credits of the show, what happens to the five police officers who are observing Quincy's forensic demonstration?
  A.   They all get to dissect a cadaver
  B.   They all run out of the room
  C.   They all throw up
  D.   They all pass out

5. What was the name of Quincy's faithful sidekick and assistant, played by Robert Ito?
  A.   Pete Takahashi
  B.   Sam Fujiyama
  C.   Nick Yemana
  D.   Henry Lee

6. What was Quincy's first name?
  A.   Robert
  B.   Dennis
  C.   David
  D.   No full name was ever revealed

7. In which branch of the military did Quincy earn the rank of Captain?
  A.   United States Army
  B.   United States Navy
  C.   United States Airforce
  D.   United States Marines

8. Which mode of transportation did Quincy oddly call home?
  A.   Mobile home
  B.   Sailboat
  C.   Tour Bus
  D.   Hearse

9. What was the name of the restaurant Quincy frequented, which was also owned by one of his good friends?
  A.   The Tender Loin
  B.   Danny's
  C.   Fish Stories
  D.   Doc's

10. In the final season of the show, Quincy finally gets married. Who does he wed?
  A.   Dr. Emily Hanover
  B.   Sgt. Carrie Bingham
  C.   Amy Harrington, D.D.S.
  D.   Susan Bingham, RN®   

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