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Trivia Quiz - Moonstruck

"Moonstruck" is one of my favorite movies of all time. Here's a quiz for those love the film as much as I do. Good luck!

Quiz Number: 3557
Date Submitted: November 14, 2010
Quiz Categories: Movies
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: zendyk
Average Score: 77.6 percent
Times Taken: 289 times
Taken by Registered Users: 10

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1. What opera was featured in the movie?
  A.   La Boheme
  B.   Rigoletto
  C.   Tosca
  D.   La Triviata

2. What was the name of the restaurant where Johnny proposed to Loretta?
  A.   La Boheme
  B.   The Grand Ticino
  C.   La Trattoria
  D.   Venezia

3. How many dogs did Loretta's grandfather have?
  A.   five
  B.   four
  C.   seven
  D.   three

4. How did Ronny lose his hand?
  A.   It was caught in a bread slicer
  B.   He got hit by a bus
  C.   He was in a motorcycle accident
  D.   A wolf attacked him and chewed it off

5. What did Loretta's father do for a living?
  A.   He was a baker
  B.   He drove a cab
  C.   He was a mortician
  D.   He was a plumber

6. What did Loretta's mother believe about why men chase women?
  A.   They are really just little boys
  B.   They fear death
  C.   God created them to be incomplete without women
  D.   They are influenced by the moon

7. What artist's painting did Ronny point out to Loretta at the opera house?
  A.   Chagall
  B.   Picasso
  C.   Rembrandt
  D.   Van Gogh

8. Which of the following is NOT part of Ronny's philosophy of life?
  A.   Love ruins everything, breaks your heart, and makes things a mess
  B.   Nothing in life really has any meaning
  C.   The stars and the snowflakes are perfect, but we aren't
  D.   We are all here to ruin ourselves and love the wrong people

9. What was Loretta's main belief about herself?
  A.   She had bad luck
  B.   She was a genius
  C.   She was guilty
  D.   She could only be attracted to men who were wolves

10. What did Loretta's mother serve for breakfast the morning Ronny showed up unexpectedly?
  A.   fried eggs
  B.   oatmeal
  C.   pancakes
  D.   spaghetti and Coca-Cola®   

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