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Trivia Quiz - Cheers' Characters: Lilith Sternin

What do you know about "Cheers'" character, Lilith Sternin? "Cheers" is a great sitcom and this is a great quiz!

Quiz Number: 3549
Date Submitted: November 13, 2010
Quiz Categories: Fictional Characters, Cheers
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: bill
Average Score: 74.4 percent
Times Taken: 140 times
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Cheers Characters Lilith Sternin
(Image Source: Lilith Sternin)

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1. What is Lilith Sternin's occupation?
  A.   psychologist
  B.   psychiatrist
  C.   social worker
  D.   drug abuse counselor

2. In the episode, "Abnormal Psychology," what does Diane encourage Lilith to do to "turn Frasier on"?
  A.   hike up her skirt
  B.   open up her shirt
  C.   let her hair down
  D.   wear some erotic perfume

3. In the season 8 episode "Mr. Otis Regrets," what song does Lilith sing to son Frederick that moves the barflies to tears?
  A.   Sonny Boy
  B.   Rock-a-Bye Baby
  C.   Day is Done
  D.   You are My Sunshine

4. In season 11, Lilith cheats on Frasier with her colleague Dr. Louis Pascal and decides to move in with Pascal. Where do they move to?
  A.   underwater ecosystem
  B.   eco-pod
  C.   cabin in the woods
  D.   Caribbean hideaway

5. In the episode, "Dinner at Eight-ish," Frasier and Lilith invite Sam and Diane over for dinner. What does Lilith do when she finds out that Frasier and Diane once were engaged?
  A.   goes to a hotel for the weekend
  B.   goes home to her mother
  C.   heads to Cheers for a drink
  D.   locks herself in the bathroom

6. Who gives Lilith driving lessons?
  A.   Frasier
  B.   Carla
  C.   Cliff
  D.   Sam

7. Lilith spoils Rebecca's elaborately planned celebration of Cheers' 100th anniversary by doing what?
  A.   appearing on TV to promote her book
  B.   leaving Frasier
  C.   going into labor
  D.   announcing her affair with Dr. Pascal

8. In season 9, Lilith grieves over the death of:
  A.   her dog
  B.   her cat
  C.   her sister
  D.   her lab rat

9. In the episode, "The Bar Manager, The Shrink, His Wife and Her Lover," Lilith returns home to Frasier only to find him in bed with whom?
  A.   Diane
  B.   Carla
  C.   Rebecca
  D.   ex-wife Nanny

10. Lilith has a half-brother who is a con-man named what? hint: his only appearance was on the sitcom, "Frasier"
  A.   Blaine
  B.   Blair
  C.   Blaise
  D.   Blake®   

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