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Trivia Quiz - AFL: Arena Footbal League Team Names

Can you identify the team nicknames for these AFL franchises? The Arena Football League is great!

Quiz Number: 3528
Date Submitted: November 08, 2010
Quiz Categories: Football
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: FRANKL1965
Average Score: 78.7 percent
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AFL Arena Footbal League Team Names
(Image Source: Arena Football League Logo)

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1. Arizona:
  A.   Rattlers
  B.   Snake Bites
  C.   Dingos
  D.   Golden Tomcats

2. Utah:
  A.   Fire
  B.   Chargers
  C.   Blazers
  D.   Blaze

3. Iowa:
  A.   Barnstormers
  B.   Red Hawks
  C.   Falcons
  D.   Corn Shucks

4. Chicago:
  A.   Streets
  B.   Tough Guys
  C.   Capones
  D.   Rush

5. Georgia:
  A.   Huskies
  B.   Force
  C.   Eagles
  D.   Firebirds

6. Tampa Bay:
  A.   Storm
  B.   Shockers
  C.   Barrons
  D.   Hawks

7. Tulsa:
  A.   Tide
  B.   Tanglers
  C.   Talons
  D.   Britons

8. Pittsburgh:
  A.   Power
  B.   Steel
  C.   Planters
  D.   Grenades

9. New Orleans:
  A.   Witchcraft
  B.   Magic Men
  C.   Devils
  D.   VooDoo

10. Orlando:
  A.   Lords
  B.   Predators
  C.   Hounds
  D.   Ogres®   

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