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Trivia Quiz - WFL: World Football League Teams

Can you name each franchise's team nickname for the WFL's 1975 season? Who didn't love the World Football League?

Quiz Number: 3527
Date Submitted: November 08, 2010
Quiz Categories: Football
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: FRANKL1965
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WFL World Football League Teams
(Image Source: World Football League Logo)

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1. Philadelphia:
  A.   Bell
  B.   Soul
  C.   Glory
  D.   Stripes

2. Charlotte:
  A.   Spires
  B.   Racers
  C.   Hornets
  D.   Grenadiers

3. Southern California:
  A.   Westerns
  B.   Pilots
  C.   Broncos
  D.   Sun

4. Memphis:
  A.   Southmen
  B.   Hens
  C.   Shock
  D.   Marlins

5. Chicago:
  A.   Pride
  B.   Winds
  C.   Cobras
  D.   Frostbite

6. San Antonio:
  A.   Wings
  B.   Antelope
  C.   Miners
  D.   Texans

7. Portland:
  A.   Thunder
  B.   Corsairs
  C.   Peacocks
  D.   Purple Panthers

8. Shreveport:
  A.   Golden Saints
  B.   Steamer
  C.   Stars
  D.   Cardinals

9. Honolulu:
  A.   Warriors
  B.   Chiefs
  C.   The Hawaiins
  D.   Wahine

10. Birmingham:
  A.   Buffaloes
  B.   Beaver
  C.   Bruisers
  D.   Vulcans®   

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