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Trivia Quiz - USFL: Team Names I

Can you name the team nicknames for these USFL franchises?

Quiz Number: 3524
Date Submitted: November 08, 2010
Quiz Categories: Football
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: FRANKL1965
Average Score: 92.2 percent
Times Taken: 32 times
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USFL Team Names I
(Image Source: USFL Logo)

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1. Boston:
  A.   Tigers
  B.   Bison
  C.   Breakers
  D.   Bulldogs

2. New Jersey:
  A.   Generals
  B.   Cyclones
  C.   Stags
  D.   Wildcats

3. Memphis:
  A.   Kings
  B.   Showboats
  C.   Belles
  D.   Deacons

4. Oklahoma:
  A.   Greyhounds
  B.   Knights
  C.   Lancers
  D.   Outlaws

5. Chicago:
  A.   Skyscrapers
  B.   Mob
  C.   Blitz
  D.   Haulers

6. Oakland:
  A.   Invaders
  B.   Royals
  C.   Panthers
  D.   Owls

7. Tampa Bay:
  A.   Coast
  B.   Bandits
  C.   Lynx
  D.   Titans

8. Denver:
  A.   Gold
  B.   Goldrush
  C.   Golden Eagles
  D.   Mustangs

9. Pittsburgh:
  A.   Maulers
  B.   Crusaders
  C.   Pioneers
  D.   Wolves

10. Jacksonville:
  A.   Cougars
  B.   Kangaroos
  C.   Thunderbirds
  D.   Bulls®   

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