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Trivia Quiz - Naked City: Landmark TV Crime Drama

Naked City was the first crime drama filmed on the streets of New York City, 30 years before "Law & Order" hit the airwaves. How much do you know about this landmark series?

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Date Submitted: October 27, 2010
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Author: Samurai Sam
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Naked City Landmark TV Crime Drama
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1. To what precinct in the NYPD were the detectives in "Naked City" assigned?
  A.   12th
  B.   65th
  C.   107th
  D.   9th

2. What led to the rescue of "Naked City" from cancellation at the end of the 1958-59 TV season?
  A.   A letter writing campaign from fans of the show
  B.   It was picked up by another network
  C.   One of the show's sponsors successfully lobbied the network
  D.   The new network president was a fan of the show

3. Which of the following cast members was the only one to appear in all five seasons of "Naked City"?
  A.   Harry Bellaver
  B.   James Franciscus
  C.   Horace McMahon
  D.   Paul Burke

4. Actor John McIntire left "Naked City" midway through through the first season. How was his character's departure explained?
  A.   He was killed in a car crash
  B.   He retired and moved to Arizona
  C.   He was promoted and assigned to another precinct
  D.   He was shot by a suspect

5. Paul Burke, who played Detective Adam Flint on "Naked City", is the real life grandfather of what "Arrested Deveopment" cast member?
  A.   Tony Arnett
  B.   Alia Shawkatt
  C.   Tony Hale
  D.   Michael Cera

6. According to the announcer at the end of the show, there are ______ million stories in the Naked City?
  A.   Eight
  B.   Ten
  C.   Seven
  D.   Nine

7. Stirling Silliphant, the show's head writer, went on to create what successful 60s dramatic series?
  A.   Ben Casey
  B.   The Outer Limits
  C.   Mission: Impossible
  D.   Route 66

8. What was the name of Detective Adam Flint's girlfriend, who frequently appeared in the show?
  A.   Libby
  B.   Maureen
  C.   Anne
  D.   Darlene

9. On what night of the week was "Naked City" broadcast during its first season?
  A.   Sunday
  B.   Monday
  C.   Tuesday
  D.   Wednesday

10. Which of the following "Naked City" characters was played by a different actor in the 1948 movie on which the television series is based?
  A.   Adam Flint
  B.   Frank Arcaro
  C.   Dan Muldoon
  D.   Mike Parker®   

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