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Trivia Quiz - Speed Racer: Lug Nuts and Bolts

Kick the tires on this quiz about "Speed Racer," the cartoon!

Quiz Number: 3498
Date Submitted: October 23, 2010
Quiz Categories: Animated TV Series & Cartoons
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: FRANKL1965
Average Score: 67.6 percent
Times Taken: 184 times
Taken by Registered Users: 5

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Speed Racer Lug Nuts and Bolts
(Image Source: Speed Racer)

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1. The animated cartoon, "Speed Racer" was imported from what Asian country?
  A.   China
  B.   South Korea
  C.   Vietnam
  D.   Japan

2. What was the name of Speed Racer's girlfriend?
  A.   Winnie
  B.   Trixie
  C.   Rickie
  D.   Pixie

3. Who was Speed Racer's older brother?
  A.   Comet
  B.   Racer X
  C.   Sparky
  D.   Snake Oiler

4. The man who provided the voice for Speed Racer(and Racer X) passed away in 2010. What was his name?
  A.   Pablo Hernandez
  B.   Peter Fernandez
  C.   Jack Grimes
  D.   Jack Curtis

5. The Mach 5's steering wheel has 7 buttons(A-G),that perform various functions. What does the "G" button do?
  A.   Puts the car into amphibious frogger mode
  B.   Engages rotary saw blades
  C.   Releases a homing robot bird
  D.   Releases four auto-jacks

6. What was the name of Racer X's race car?
  A.   The GRX
  B.   The Mach X
  C.   The Shooting Star
  D.   The Z-11

7. What was the name of Speed Racer's younger brother who owned a pet chimpanzee named Chim-Chim?
  A.   Spritle
  B.   Spencer
  C.   Crash
  D.   Racer X

8. Complete these lyrics from the show's theme song: "Here he comes, here comes Speed Racer, he's a _______ ______ ______".
  A.   Master of wheels
  B.   Nippin' your heels
  C.   Demon on wheels
  D.   Makin' Tires squeal

9. What weapon did Chim-Chim often use to combat threats?
  A.   Banana
  B.   Slingshot
  C.   Pea shooter
  D.   Boomerang

10. What does the "M" on Speed Racer's helmet and on the Mach 5 hood, stand for?
  A.   Mach Motorsports
  B.   Mitsubishi
  C.   Mopar
  D.   Mifune Motors®   

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