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Trivia Quiz - Alexander Graham Bell: Inventor, Scientist & Teacher

What do you know about the amazing Alexander Graham Bell?

Quiz Number: 3493
Date Submitted: October 21, 2010
Quiz Categories: Science & Nature, Technology
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: bill
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Quiz is about: Alexander G Bell

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Alexander Graham Bell Inventor Scientist  Teacher

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1. Alexander Graham Bell spent much of his career researching hearing and speech. This is ironic because two members of his family were deaf. Who were they?
  A.   mother and wife
  B.   father and wife
  C.   sister and brother
  D.   mother and sister

2. Alexander Graham Bell was born and raised in Scotland but eventually moved to North America. In what Canadian Province did he eventually settle?
  A.   New Brunswick
  B.   Newfoundland
  C.   Prince Edward Island
  D.   Nova Scotia

3. As a youngster, Alexander Graham Bell mastered a musical instrument. What was it?
  A.   violin
  B.   piano
  C.   French horn
  D.   flute

4. Bell conducted experiments to develop motor-powered heavier-than-air aircraft, specifically in kites and wings. What geometric shape were his aircraft?
  A.   deltahedron
  B.   octahedron
  C.   tetrahedron
  D.   icosahedron

5. What famous scientist did Alexander Graham Bell beat to the punch in the race to patent the telephone?
  A.   Elisha Gray
  B.   Eliss Gravely
  C.   Elden Gay
  D.   Elmore Gaile

6. Which of the following was not a device invented and patented by Alexander Graham Bell?
  A.   audiometer
  B.   photophone
  C.   electrical telegraph
  D.   metal detector

7. Alexander Graham Bell was a professor at Boston University in what field of study?
  A.   Ecology and Genetics
  B.   Nutrition and Microbiology
  C.   Behavioural and Molecular Genetics
  D.   Vocal Physiology and Elocution

8. Alexander Graham Bell uttered the first words ever to be spoken over the telephone. What were they?
  A.   "Please, don't hang up on me."
  B.   "Honey, are you there?"
  C.   "Can you hear me now?"
  D.   "Mr. Watson - Come here - I want to see you."

9. In 1880, Alexander Graham Bell received the Volta Prize from L'Académie française, representing the French government. How much money accompanied the award?
  A.   $1,000
  B.   $10,000
  C.   $100,000
  D.   $1,000,000

10. Alexander Graham Bell was one of the founding members of what famous scientific and educational institution?
  A.   International Commission for Optics
  B.   Academy of Sciences
  C.   National Geographic Society
  D.   National Fund for Scientific Research®   

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