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Trivia Quiz - John McEwen: 18th Australian Prime Minister

What do you know about Australian Prime Minister, John McEwen?

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Date Submitted: October 11, 2010
Quiz Categories: World Leaders, Australian Prime Ministers
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: bill
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Quiz is about: John McEwen

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John McEwen 18th Australian Prime Minister
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1. McEwen was a member of what political party?
  A.   United Australia
  B.   Labor
  C.   Country
  D.   Liberal

2. How many years did John McEwen serve in the Australian Parliament?
  A.   more than 30 years
  B.   more than 33 years
  C.   more than 36 years
  D.   more than 39 years

3. McEwen was a minister in the Cabinets of five heads of government. Which of these cabinet positions did he never hold?
  A.   Minister for the Interior
  B.   Minister for Foreign Affairs
  C.   Minister for External Affairs
  D.   Minister for Air Minister for Civil Aviation

4. McEwen was elevated to Caretaker PM in 1967 following the death of what sitting Prime Minister?
  A.   John Gorton
  B.   Ben Chifley
  C.   Robert Menzies
  D.   Harold Holt

5. McEwen was a Caretaker Prime Minister and only served for a very short time. How long did he serve?
  A.   less than one week
  B.   between one week and two weeks
  C.   between two weeks and three weeks
  D.   between three weeks and four weeks

6. McEwen had a long-standing feud with William McMahon. Why?
  A.   McEwen knew McMahon was breaching Cabinet confidentiality and regularly leaking information to favoured journalists & lobbyists
  B.   it is very possible that he disliked McMahon because of his rumoured homosexuality
  C.   McMahon was allied with free trade advocates in the conservative parties
  D.   all of the above

7. Under the Menzies' administration, McEwen pursued a policy of high tariff protection for the manufacturing industry, so that industry would not challenge the continuing high tariffs on imported raw materials, benefiting farmers. This policy was known as:
  A.   Farmerism
  B.   McEwenism
  C.   Protectionism
  D.   RE Rules

8. Though only briefly Prime Minister, McEwen served as deputy Prime Minister for twelve years. Under which Prime Minister did he NOT serve?
  A.   Ben Chifley
  B.   Robert Menzies
  C.   Harold Holt
  D.   John Gorton

9. John McEwen was married to Dame Anne McEwen for some 46 years. In 1968, he married a second time, this time to Mary Eileen Byrne, his personal secretary. How much older was he than his second wife?
  A.   13 years
  B.   17 years
  C.   22 years
  D.   30 years

10. McEwen's stern demeanour earned him what nickname?
  A.   Black Jack
  B.   Johnny Hard Nose
  C.   The Black
  D.   John Tough®   

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