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Trivia Quiz - Reggae Trivia: Interesting Facts!

My quiz is random trivia about different reggae artists from past and present.

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Date Submitted: August 17, 2010
Quiz Categories: Reggae
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: bobfan45
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Reggae Trivia Interesting Facts
(Image Source: Ziggy Marley Photo by Jay West (Flickr profile and Jay West

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1. What was the name of Marcia Griffiths first solo album?
  A.   Naturally
  B.   Sweet Bitter Love
  C.   At Studio One (Live)
  D.   Stepping

2. What band did reggae artist Jacob Miller join during his career?
  A.   The Maytails
  B.   The Wailers
  C.   Inner Circle
  D.   None of the Above

3. Who was a member of the reggae band Black Uhuru?
  A.   Bunny Livingston
  B.   Johnnie Taylor
  C.   Derek "Duckie" Simpson
  D.   Eddie Grant

4. What branch of the American military did reggae artist Shaggy join?
  A.   The US Navy
  B.   The US Marine Corps
  C.   The US Army
  D.   The US Air Force

5. Rapper KRS-1 had a huge hit featuring what dancehall reggae artist?
  A.   Beenie Man
  B.   Shabba Ranks
  C.   Mad Lion
  D.   Supercat

6. What was the title of reggae artist Sean Paul’s debut album?
  A.   Reggae Riddims
  B.   Dutty Rock
  C.   Rock Steady Rock
  D.   Gimmie the Light

7. What song by Reggae dancehall artist Buju Banton caused some protest?
  A.   Murderer
  B.   Untold Stories
  C.   Boom Bye Bye
  D.   Champion

8. The song “Who Am I” became a huge success for what dancehall reggae artist?
  A.   Sean Paul
  B.   Shabba Ranks
  C.   Beenie Man
  D.   Bounty Killer

9. What female reggae artist won a Grammy in 2003 for the song “Underneath It All"
  A.   Rita Marley
  B.   Dawn Penn
  C.   Sister Nancy
  D.   Lady Saw

10. Who was the first reggae artist to be awarded two Grammy awards in the same ceremony?
  A.   Sean Paul
  B.   Elephant Man
  C.   Damian Marley
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