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Trivia Quiz - Cheers' Characters: Sam Malone

What do you know about Sam Malone of Cheers? "Cheers" is a great sitcom and this is a great quiz!

Quiz Number: 3422
Date Submitted: July 05, 2010
Quiz Categories: Fictional Characters, Cheers
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: bill
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Cheers Characters Sam Malone
(Image Source: Sam Malone @ fancast)

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1. Which actor played the role of Sam Malone on the TV sitcom, Cheers?
  A.   Ted Danson
  B.   Woody Harrelson
  C.   John Ratzenberger
  D.   Kelsey Grammer

2. In his days as a relief pitcher for the Boston Red Sox, Sam Malone had a nickname. What was it?
  A.   Relief
  B.   Rescue
  C.   Mayday
  D.   Fool Proof

3. To whom does Sam offer a job in the very first episode of Cheers?
  A.   Woody
  B.   Carla
  C.   Diane
  D.   Rebecca

4. Sam owns a car that he just can't bear to part with. What type is it?
  A.   DeLorean
  B.   Mustang
  C.   Camaro
  D.   Corvette

5. In a season two episode, Sam and Diane are tired of a mutual friend being a "third wheel," keeping them from any time alone together. Who is the third wheel?
  A.   Cliff
  B.   Coach
  C.   Woody
  D.   Carla

6. When Diane calls Sam to tell him that she is marrying Frasier the following day, and Sam flies to Europe at the last minute to stop the wedding, to what country does he fly?
  A.   France
  B.   Italy
  C.   Belgium
  D.   Greece

7. In season 4, Sam dates a Boston political figure with the last name of Eldridge. What office does she hold in the city?
  A.   councilwoman
  B.   mayor
  C.   city manager
  D.   public works director

8. Who pops out of the cake at Sam's bachelor party in season 5?
  A.   Carla
  B.   Diane
  C.   Esther Clavin
  D.   Kelly Gaines

9. What is Sam's brother's name?
  A.   Dwight
  B.   Derek
  C.   David
  D.   Darrin

10. Which of the following do you never see Sam drinking at Cheers?
  A.   beer
  B.   water
  C.   ginger ale
  D.   coffee®   

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