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Trivia Quiz - History of Physics 101

Questions on who discovered what in the world of Physics, both Quantum Mechanics and Cosmology. Thanks to Stephen Hawking for some great material for this. Your a great Writer Stephen.

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Date Submitted: June 22, 2010
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History of Physics 101
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1. Who argued in 340 BC in his book "On The Heavens" that the world was round?
  A.   Socrates
  B.   Plato
  C.   Aristotle
  D.   Confucius

2. Who produced a theory in 1687 in his "Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica" on how bodies moved in space, and produced the math to back it up?
  A.   Sir Isaac Newton
  B.   Nicholas Copernicus
  C.   Johannes Kepler
  D.   Galileo Galilei

3. Who first demonstrated that bodies of different weights fall at the same velocity, provided that air resistance is comparable?
  A.   Sir Isaac Newton
  B.   Nicholas Copernicus
  C.   Johannes Kepler
  D.   Galileo Galilei

4. Who unified the theories of electricity and Magnetism in 1865
  A.   Albert Abraham Michelson
  B.   James Clerk Maxwell
  C.   Edward Morley
  D.   Jules Henri Poincare

5. Who proposed in 1913 that electrons could only orbit a nucleus at specified distances and only in limited quantity at that distance
  A.   Niels Bohr
  B.   Erwin Schrodinger
  C.   Albert Einstein
  D.   Ernest Rutherford

6. Who first produced the theory in 1915 that gravity is a result of the fact that spacetime is warped or curved by mass and energy
  A.   Albert Einstein
  B.   Stephen Hawking
  C.   Niels Bohr
  D.   Werner Heisenberg

7. Who demonstrated in 1926 that the more accurately you try to measure the position of a particle, the less accurately you'll be able to measure it's speed, and vice versa
  A.   Werner Heisenberg
  B.   Albert Einstein
  C.   Roger Penrose
  D.   Max Plank

8. Who made the landmark discovery in 1929 that the Universe was expanding by observing that distant galaxies are rapidly moving away from us?
  A.   Steven Weinberg
  B.   Albert Einstein
  C.   Edwin Hubble
  D.   Fred Hoyle

9. Who discovered the cosmic microwave background radiation in 1965?
  A.   Stephen Hawking and Roger Penrose
  B.   Albert Einstein and Niels Bohr
  C.   Arno Penzias and Robert Wilson
  D.   Penn and Teller

10. Who wrote a joint paper in 1970 with Roger Penrose that demonstrated mathematically that the universe appears to have started from a singularity?
  A.   Kip Thorne
  B.   Robert Oppenheimer
  C.   Richard Fenyman
  D.   Stephen Hawking®   

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