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Trivia Quiz - The Andy Griffith Show: Goober Pyle

What do you know about Goober Pyle from "The Andy Griffith Show"? Goober also appeared in 53 episodes of "Mayberry R.F.D."

Quiz Number: 3404
Date Submitted: June 10, 2010
Quiz Categories: Fictional Characters, The Andy Griffith Show
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: bill
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The Andy Griffith Show Goober Pyle
(Image Source: Goober Pyle Photo)

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1. Who played the role of Goober Pyle in sitcom, "The Andy Griffith Show," from 1964 to 1968?
  A.   George Lindsey
  B.   Jim Nabors
  C.   Hal Smith
  D.   Howard McNear

2. Who was Goober's cousin?
  A.   Andy
  B.   Gomer
  C.   Floyd
  D.   Emmett

3. What was Goober's occupation?
  A.   county clerk
  B.   deputy sheriff
  C.   gas station attendant/mechanic
  D.   butter and egg man

4. In what episode of "The Andy Griffith Show" did Goober make his first appearance?
  A.   "A Man's Best Friend"
  B.   "Goober and the Art of Love"
  C.   "Man in a Hurry"
  D.   "Fun Girls"

5. What type of hat did Goober typically wear?
  A.   baseball cap
  B.   beanie hat
  C.   hard hat
  D.   derby

6. Later in the show's run, Goober purchased a business. What was the name of it?
  A.   Ben Weaver's Department Store
  B.   Emmett's Fix-It Shop
  C.   Wally's Filling Station
  D.   Floyd's Barber Shop

7. During the course of the show, which of the following movie stars/fictional characters did Goober NEVER impersonate?
  A.   Cary Grant
  B.   Edward G. Robinson
  C.   Chester from "Gunsmoke"
  D.   Charlie Chaplin

8. Whose car did Goober put back together in the sheriff's office after taking it apart on the street?
  A.   Gilley Walker
  B.   Otis Campbell
  C.   Ellie Walker
  D.   Clara Edwards

9. Who played a practical joke on Goober, making him believe his dog was talking?
  A.   Gomer
  B.   Leon
  C.   Opie and Tommy
  D.   Ernest T. Bass

10. Which of the following was NOT true about Goober?
  A.   he was a second cousin to the Darling Family
  B.   he served a stint in the National Guard
  C.   he had an older brother who was a rocket-scientist for NASA
  D.   he often dated a woman named Flora Malherbe®   

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