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Trivia Quiz - Corner Gas - Roadside Gas Station Fun!

Corner Gas is a great Canadian sitcom!

Quiz Number: 3376
Date Submitted: April 26, 2010
Quiz Categories: Canadian TV Sitcoms
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: catherine
Average Score: 81 percent
Times Taken: 124 times
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Corner Gas  Roadside Gas Station Fun
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1. "Corner Gas" takes place in the fictional town of Dog River. In what Canadian provice is it located?
  A.   Alberta
  B.   Manitoba
  C.   Saskatchewan
  D.   British Columbia

2. "Corner Gas" is the only gas station for how many miles in any direction?
  A.   40 kilometres (25 miles)
  B.   50 kilometres (31 miles)
  C.   60 kilometres (37 miles)
  D.   70 kilometres (44 miles)

3. In what academic field of study does Wanda hold a degree?
  A.   linguistics
  B.   history
  C.   art
  D.   biology

4. What are the names of the two Dog River police officers?
  A.   Cavan and Karen
  B.   Mike and Helen
  C.   Emma and Oscar
  D.   Davis and Karen

5. To what sporting event were Brent and Lacey headed when they ran out of gas?
  A.   professional curling game
  B.   minor league baseball game
  C.   Grey Cup game
  D.   Stanley Cup Playoff Game

6. Which of the following jobs was Hank never known to have held?
  A.   fireman
  B.   census worker
  C.   crossing guard
  D.   city accountant

7. What are the names of Brent's parents?
  A.   Emma and Oscar
  B.   Davis and Karen
  C.   Mike and Helen
  D.   Cavan and Karen

8. What did Paul, the bartender at the Dog River Hotel, replace the shuffleboard game with?
  A.   pool table
  B.   air hockey table
  C.   claw game
  D.   ping pong table

9. What is the name of the town newspaper?
  A.   Dog River Growler
  B.   Dog River Howler
  C.   Dog River Crier
  D.   Dog River News

10. The residents of Dog River have a pathological dislike of the residents of Wullerton, a neighboring town. What is their reaction whenever the name of the town is mentioned?
  A.   they hold their noses
  B.   they yell, "yuck!"
  C.   they belch
  D.   they spit on the floor®   

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