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Trivia Quiz - Number 96 - When Australian TV Lost Its Virginity!

An easy quiz about the notable characters who populated the famous block of flats. (Apartments to those in America). Number 96; Australian Sitcom

Quiz Number: 3371
Date Submitted: April 22, 2010
Quiz Categories: Australian TV Sitcoms, Australian TV Soap Operas
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: grant228
Average Score: 80.2 percent
Times Taken: 49 times
Taken by Registered Users: 5

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Number 96  When Australian TV Lost Its Virginity
(Image Source: Number 96 Title Card @ Wikipedia)

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1. Who was the former prostitute with a heart of gold who finally found happiness with Guy Sutton?
  A.   Vicki Counsel
  B.   Verity Cox
  C.   Vera Collins
  D.   Virginia Cleaver

2. Who was the husband of Norma, a part time inventor and the dead hero of the deli explosion?
  A.   Leo Wanker
  B.   Les Whittaker
  C.   Len Wilson
  D.   Larry Wilson

3. Who was the hen-pecked husband of the concierge, Dorrie?
  A.   Hubert Epstein
  B.   Horrie Edwards
  C.   Henry Emery
  D.   Herbert Evans

4. Who was the wingeing English immigrant who lived in Flat 8 with his wife, Lucy?
  A.   Alan Sanders
  B.   Anthony Saunders
  C.   Alf Sutcliffe
  D.   Albert Swansea

5. Who was I? My last name was Butterfield; I was a gay lover and the "King of Trivia" and eventually killed in the wine bar siege?
  A.   Derek
  B.   Darrin
  C.   Dudley
  D.   Dwayne

6. Who was the daughter of Aldo Godolfus who married Dr Julian Myers?
  A.   Rose
  B.   Lily
  C.   Ivy
  D.   Violet

7. What was the name of the first homosexual character portrayed on Australian TV?
  A.   Dave Fletcher
  B.   Des Freestone
  C.   Doug Fielder
  D.   Don Finlayson

8. Who was the best friend of Dorrie?
  A.   Maude Thompson
  B.   Flo Patterson
  C.   Belle Sampson
  D.   Di Simpson

9. What was the name of Dorrie's budgie?
  A.   Mr Popsy
  B.   Mr Bossy
  C.   Mr Sexy
  D.   Mr Perky

10. Who was the chef of Norma's Bar who eventually married Vicki Dawson after first marrying Liz Charles?
  A.   Alan Duster
  B.   Arnold Feather
  C.   Albert Wiper
  D.   Ashley Cleaner®   

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