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Trivia Quiz - Blue Water High: Surf School

The surf is up & school is in. Welcome to "Blue Water High," a high performance surf academy where every year seven teens are selected for an intense surfing & schooling programme. Interesting Australian TC drama!

Quiz Number: 3367
Date Submitted: April 20, 2010
Quiz Categories: Australian TV Dramas
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: katkade
Average Score: 70.2 percent
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Blue Water High Surf School
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1. What is the name of the house mother for the group of young surfers?
  A.   Liz
  B.   Jilly
  C.   Rachel
  D.   Perri

2. What form of transport is available to get the group around?
  A.   Combi
  B.   Landrover
  C.   Minibus
  D.   Maxi taxi

3. Which child of a famous performer wrote the series theme song "Aiming for Your Head"?
  A.   David Campbell
  B.   Jessie Emmanuel
  C.   Liam Finn
  D.   Chloe Lattanzi

4. What is the name of the surf academy?
  A.   Blue Water
  B.   Surf Academy
  C.   Surf's Up
  D.   Solar Blue

5. Fiona Watson from Western Australia has a strange nickname. What is it?
  A.   Fly
  B.   Fi
  C.   Watto
  D.   Blondie

6. In the first series, what causes an upset before the year even starts?
  A.   Fiona's board is sabotaged & she is hospitalized.
  B.   A kite rider from Germany is given the final place.
  C.   Bec's brother Joe misses out on a place.
  D.   All of the above.

7. How does Bec treat Anna, the German girl?
  A.   with kindness
  B.   yells at her
  C.   very guarded
  D.   takes her under her wing

8. One of the group clowns around a lot. Who is it?
  A.   Edge
  B.   Anna
  C.   Matt
  D.   Heath

9. Who is the "brainiac" of the group?
  A.   Bec
  B.   Matt
  C.   Perri
  D.   Edge

10. Who was the female winner?
  A.   Matt
  B.   Bec
  C.   Fiona
  D.   Heath®   

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