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Trivia Quiz - Kath & Kim - Dysfunctional Mom & Daugther: Part 2

Kath & Kim, Australian Sitcom. The mother & daughter duo setting the standard for all desirable women.

Quiz Number: 3365
Date Submitted: April 17, 2010
Quiz Categories: Australian TV Sitcoms
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: katkade
Average Score: 85.5 percent
Times Taken: 60 times
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Kath  Kim  Dysfunctional Mom  Daugther Part 2
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1. Where did Kath end up on her wedding night?
  A.   Peppers Hidden Vale
  B.   Club Med Fiji
  C.   home
  D.   hospital

2. Who is Kim's "best" friend?
  A.   Bretty
  B.   Sharon
  C.   Kath
  D.   Eppoonnee-Rae

3. What is Kel's preferred exercise?
  A.   Boxing
  B.   Speed walking
  C.   Gym
  D.   Football

4. Kath & Kel have a passion for ...
  A.   Swimming
  B.   Golf
  C.   Dancing
  D.   Parties

5. What is Kel's trade?
  A.   Butcher
  B.   Salesman
  C.   Construction worker
  D.   Baker

6. What was Kath & Kim's surname before they both married? (Kath's 2nd marriage & Kim's first).
  A.   Knight
  B.   Craig
  C.   Strzlecki
  D.   Day

7. What is Kath & Kim's catchphrase?
  A.   "...'Ave a go ya mug!"
  B.   "G'day mate."
  C.   "It's noice, it's different, it's unewsyal"
  D.   "I come from a land down under."

8. When Kath wants to get someone's complete attention, what does she say to them?
  A.   "Look at moi, now I've got one word to say to you"
  B.   "Listen to what I'm telling you"
  C.   "Pay attention"
  D.   "Shut up & listen!"

9. What do Prue & Trude own?
  A.   Restaurant
  B.   Homewares Store
  C.   Yacht
  D.   Porsche

10. What did Kim simply have to have from Prue & Trude's for Kath's wedding?
  A.   Hair switch
  B.   Diamond earrings
  C.   Anchor
  D.   Appetizers®   

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