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Trivia Quiz - Kath & Kim- Dysfunctional Mom & Daughter

Kath & Kim, Australian Sitcom. The mother & daughter duo setting the standard for all desirable women.

Quiz Number: 3364
Date Submitted: April 17, 2010
Quiz Categories: Australian TV Sitcoms
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: katkade
Average Score: 84.6 percent
Times Taken: 329 times
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Kath  Kim Dysfunctional Mom  Daughter
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1. Who is the "foxy moron" of the duo?
  A.   Kim
  B.   Sharon
  C.   Eppoonnee-Rae
  D.   Kath

2. Eppoonnee- Rae is played by which actor/singer on her wedding day?
  A.   Magda Szubanski
  B.   Kylie Minogue
  C.   Gina Riley
  D.   Jane Turner

3. What is the name of Kath's love interest?
  A.   Brett Craig
  B.   Peter Rawsthorne
  C.   Kel Knight
  D.   Glenn Robbins

4. Which international singing star did Kath fall for after her marriage? hint: they were in a stage show together.
  A.   Harry Connick Jr
  B.   David Campbell
  C.   Cliff Richard
  D.   Michael Buble

5. What do Kath & Kim drink?
  A.   Plonk
  B.   Cardinay (Chardonay)
  C.   Beer
  D.   Root Beer

6. Who is Sharon's favourite test cricketer?
  A.   Glenn McGrath
  B.   Steve Waugh
  C.   Shane Warne
  D.   Adam Gilchrist

7. Which variety of nibblies does Kath provide for appetizers?
  A.   sausages
  B.   cheeses
  C.   antipasto
  D.   sandwiches

8. Where does Kim live most of her life?
  A.   in a motel
  B.   with Kath
  C.   with Brett
  D.   with Sharon

9. Where does Brett work?
  A.   Butcher
  B.   Insurance salesman
  C.   Electronic store
  D.   Funeral service

10. What are the names of the snobby shop owners who disparage Kath & Kim?
  A.   Lee & Dee
  B.   Shelly & Kelly
  C.   Ellen & Helen
  D.   Prue & Trude®   

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