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Trivia Quiz - "Jack the Ripper": London Prostitute Slayings

An interesting trivia quiz with facts about one of the most infamous serial killers, Jack the Ripper, his victims, the police investigation and the ongoing mystery.

Quiz Number: 3351
Date Submitted: April 01, 2010
Quiz Categories: Serial Killers
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: madman
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Jack the Ripper London Prostitute Slayings
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1. In what London district did the "Jack the Ripper" murders take place?
  A.   Greenwich
  B.   Bexley
  C.   Whitechapel
  D.   Hackney

2. How many canonical Ripper victims were there?
  A.   4
  B.   5
  C.   6
  D.   7

3. In what year did all of the canonical Ripper murders take place?
  A.   1886
  B.   1887
  C.   1888
  D.   1889

4. What is the first written reference which used the name "Jack the Ripper"?
  A.   the "Dear Boss" letter
  B.   the "Saucy Jacky" postcard
  C.   The Openshaw letter
  D.   The "From Hell" letter

5. What was the name of the Metropolitan Police Commissioner who resigned during the Ripper murders?
  A.   Sir Melville Macnaghten
  B.   Sir Robert Anderson
  C.   Inspector Frederick Abberline
  D.   Sir Charles Warren

6. Which two Ripper victims were killed during the so-called "double event" (two victims on the same night)?
  A.   Elizabeth Stride and Catherine Eddowes
  B.   Mary Jane Kelly and Catherine Eddowes
  C.   Elizabeth Stride and Mary Ann Nichols
  D.   Annie Chapman and Mary Ann Nichols

7. Which alleged Ripper communication was written "From Hell"?
  A.   the "Dear Boss" letter
  B.   the "Saucy Jacky" postcard
  C.   The Openshaw letter
  D.   The Lusk Letter

8. The murderer allegedly sent a body part through the mail along with the Lusk letter. What was the body part?
  A.   heart
  B.   liver
  C.   kidney
  D.   ear

9. Who was the only canonical Ripper victim to be murdered indoors?
  A.   Catherine Eddowes
  B.   Mary Jane Kelly
  C.   Elizabeth Stride
  D.   Mary Ann Nichols

10. What Ripper suspect killed his wife five years prior to the Ripper murders by stabbing her in the neck?
  A.   James Kelly
  B.   Dr. Thomas Neill Cream
  C.   Montague John Druitt
  D.   Walter Sickert®   

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