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Trivia Quiz - Cleopatra

Cleopatra has been depicted as a great beauty and strong ruler of the Ancient World. Actually she was a ruthless bitch who murdered her own siblings. She wasn't really pretty, either. Cleopatra was another "Ancient Behaving Badly."

Quiz Number: 3344
Date Submitted: March 22, 2010
Quiz Categories: Ancient History
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: bill
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Quiz is about: Cleopatra VII Philopator

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1. At what age did Cleopatra rise to power as the last ruling pharaoh of Egypt? (she ruled jointly with her brother and husband, Ptolemy XIII)
  A.   12
  B.   14
  C.   16
  D.   18

2. Around 48 BC, civil war broke out between Cleopatra and her younger brother, each scheming to become sole ruler. What faction oppossed Cleopatra?
  A.   The Foederati
  B.   The Gabiniani
  C.   The Triarii
  D.   The Hastati

3. A legend has it that, in 48 BC, Cleopatra took advantage of Julius Caesar's anger with Ptolemy XIII by presenting herself to Caesar in a unique way at the Egyptian palace. What did she do?
  A.   she rolled herself into a Persian carpet and rolled out upon arrival at the palace
  B.   she hid herself in a trunk of Caesar's clothes
  C.   she hid in Caesar's closet
  D.   she rode on a white horse to Caesar's palace

4. In 47 BC, the forces of Julius Caesar and Cleopatra defeated the army of Ptolemy XIII. Her brother was killed, undoubtedly by Cleopatra's orders. How did he die?
  A.   stabbed
  B.   drowned
  C.   poisoned
  D.   hanged

5. Cleopatra and Caesar had one son together, Ptolemy Caesar, nicknamed Caesarion. What is the literal translation of the name Caesarion?
  A.   Caesar of Caesar
  B.   Caesar II
  C.   son of Caesar
  D.   little Caesar

6. What Ancient Egyptian goddess was Cleopatra's patron goddess?
  A.   Isis
  B.   Imentet
  C.   Sekhmet
  D.   Nephthys

7. Cleopatra also ordered the execution of her youngest brother and second husband, Ptolemy XIV. How was he killed?
  A.   stabbed
  B.   drowned
  C.   poisoned
  D.   hanged

8. Cleopatra took which of the following titles for herself?
  A.   Beautiful Queen
  B.   Queen of Kings
  C.   Queen of Queens
  D.   Cat Queen

9. In 41 BC, Cleopatra had Mark Antony order the execution of her sister, thus removing her last potential rival in the Egyptian royal family. What was her sister's name?
  A.   Ahmose-Nefertari
  B.   Hatshepsut
  C.   Berenice II
  D.   Arsinoe

10. The ancient sources report that Cleopatra killed herself. How did she do it?
  A.   inducing a poisonous snake to bite her
  B.   hung herself
  C.   poisoned herself
  D.   hanged herself®   

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