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Trivia Quiz - Animated Movies Nuts & Bolts

All about animated movies!

Quiz Number: 334
Date Submitted: April 01, 2006
Quiz Categories: Animated TV Series & Cartoons
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: krystal
Average Score: 69.4 percent
Times Taken: 127 times
Taken by Registered Users: 39

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Animated Movies Nuts  Bolts
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1. What is the name of Ariel's beloved prince in "The Little Mermaid?"
  A.   Eric
  B.   Ernest
  C.   Able
  D.   Albert

2. What is the name of Kovu's mother in "The Lion King 2?"
  A.   Nala
  B.   Sarafina
  C.   Sarabi
  D.   Zira

3. What is the name of the friendly crab in "The Little Mermaid?"
  A.   Brian
  B.   Elmer
  C.   Kadia
  D.   Sebastian

4. What kind of animal was Cleo in the famous story of "Pinocchio?"
  A.   Cat
  B.   Fish
  C.   Dog
  D.   Hamster

5. What "Song of the South" character sang, "Zippity Do Da?"
  A.   Uncle Remus
  B.   Ginny
  C.   Johnny
  D.   Aunt Tempy

6. What's the name of the main villain in "101 Dalmatians?"
  A.   Crabby Crum
  B.   Devile da Wormerly
  C.   Bessy Bitch
  D.   Cruella de Ville

7. Which of the seven dwarfs was up for the Sorcerer's apprentice role in "Fantasia?"
  A.   Happy
  B.   Bashful
  C.   Dopey
  D.   Sleepy

8. Who does the voice of Sulley in "Monsters Inc.?"
  A.   Billy Crystal
  B.   Jim Henson
  C.   Casey Kasem
  D.   John Goodman

9. Who is the female space ranger in "Buzz Lightyear of Star Command?"
  A.   Lynda Barry
  B.   Mira Nova
  C.   Cruella de Ville
  D.   Selena Kyle

10. Which one of the seven dwarfs doesn't have a beard?
  A.   Dopey
  B.   Doc
  C.   Sneezey
  D.   Grumpy®   

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