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Trivia Quiz - Rembrandt - Prince of Painters

Nice trivia quiz about the personal life, career and works of Rembrandt, the Dutch master whose extraordinary works adorn many art galleries of the world.

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Date Submitted: January 08, 2010
Quiz Categories: Artists
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: grant228
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Quiz is about: Rembrandt Van Rijn

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Rembrandt  Prince of Painters
(Image Source: Rembrandt Van Rijn @ wikipedia)

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1. Just like Galileo, Rembrandt was known better by his first name. What was his family name?
  A.   van Lastman
  B.   van Rijn
  C.   van Brouck
  D.   van Esch

2. Rembrandt married Saskia van Uylenburch in 1634. They had four children. How many of their children survived infancy?
  A.   One
  B.   Two
  C.   Three
  D.   Four

3. Following Saskia's early death in 1642, Rembrandt lived with but did not marry his housekeeper, Hendrickje Stoffels. This was because:
  A.   Rembrandt promised Saskia he would never remarry.
  B.   Saskia's parents would remove their financial support if he remarried.
  C.   Hendrickje's religion did not allow her to marry a married man.
  D.   Saskia's will forbade Rembrandt remarrying.

4. Rembrandt's early success in his career allowed him to indulge his passion and collect artworks from which country?
  A.   France
  B.   Italy
  C.   Holland
  D.   Germany

5. In 1564 Rembrandt painted his wife as Bathsheba. What disease have experts deduced she had following their examination of the painting?
  A.   leprosy
  B.   skin cancer
  C.   breast cancer
  D.   ricketts

6. Which of the following is not a painting by Rembrandt?
  A.   A Woman Bathing
  B.   The Anatomy Lesson of Dr Tulp
  C.   St George and the Dragon
  D.   The Abduction of Europa

7. Which of these is not a painting by Rembrandt?
  A.   Girl in the Window
  B.   Doctor Nicolaes
  C.   Christ in the Storm
  D.   The Creation of Eve

8. One of Rembrandt's most famous paintings, "The Night Watch" was not a commercial success because:
  A.   the subject matter was too contentious
  B.   the town dignitaries were not prominent enough
  C.   it was too big to be housed in a collector's gallery
  D.   the paint used was egg-based and darkened quickly

9. As he grew older, Rembrandt did an increasing number of self portraits. These pictures revealed a man:
  A.   proud of his achievements
  B.   whose unhappy life had taken its toll
  C.   developing cataracts
  D.   whose wealth was obvious in his dress and jewellery

10. Rembrandt and Hendrickje had a child, Cornelia in 1654. When Rembrandt died in 1669, who survived him?
  A.   Titus
  B.   Hendrickje
  C.   Cornelia
  D.   Cornelia, Hendrickje and Titus®   

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