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Trivia Quiz - Cinderella: According to the Grimm Brothers

Questions from the familiar fairy tale Cinderella, from the perhaps unfamiliar original version by the Brothers Grimm.

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Date Submitted: January 04, 2010
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Author: carlam
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Cinderella According to the Grimm Brothers
(Image Source: Cinderella @ Classic Farity Tells)

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1. What did Cinderella's step-mother and step-sisters throw into the ashes for her to pull out?
  A.   beads
  B.   lentils
  C.   oats
  D.   glass

2. When Cinderella's father offered to bring them gifts from his travels, Cinderella requested what?
  A.   roses
  B.   a twig
  C.   pet bird
  D.   books

3. Instead of a fairy godmother, who assisted Cinderella?
  A.   rats
  B.   horses
  C.   mice
  D.   birds

4. In order to stop Cinderella from leaving quickly, the Prince did what?
  A.   pulled on the drawbridge
  B.   locked the castle doors
  C.   put tar on the steps
  D.   put marbles on the steps

5. What werw Cinderella's slippers was made of?
  A.   silk
  B.   leather
  C.   crocodile skin
  D.   gold

6. When the first step-sister's shoe wouldn't fit, what did the step-mother suggest she do?
  A.   cut off her toes
  B.   get a shoehorn
  C.   cut the shoe
  D.   bind her foot

7. How did the prince figure out the second step-sister was not his true love?
  A.   She couldn't get the shoe on her foot
  B.   She was too tall
  C.   He saw the blood from where she cut off her heel
  D.   Cinderella appeared

8. Cinderella's father said that she couldn't be the one the prince was looking for because of what?
  A.   She couldn't read
  B.   She was deformed
  C.   She was a servant
  D.   She was too dirty

9. How did fate punish the evil step-sisters?
  A.   blindness
  B.   they were Cinderella's servants
  C.   the prince banished them
  D.   boils plagued them the rest of their days

10. How many Fairy Tales are attributed to the Brothers Grimm?
  A.   30
  B.   50
  C.   100
  D.   250®   

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