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Trivia Quiz - Alexander the Great

Alexander, son of Philip, let no one get in his way - he slaughtered and enslaved thousands in his path, even his own friends and family. Alexander was another "Ancient Behaving Badly."

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Date Submitted: December 31, 2009
Quiz Categories: Ancient History
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
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Alexander the Great
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1. Who led Alexander to believe that he was a diety and it was his destiny to rule the world?
  A.   his wife, Roxana
  B.   his grandfather, Neoptolemus I
  C.   his father, Philip
  D.   his mother, Olympias

2. Who was Alexander's tutor when he was an adolescent?
  A.   Aristotle
  B.   Dionysius
  C.   Plato
  D.   Democritus

3. In 336 BC, Alexander became the ruler of what Greek empire?
  A.   Pelagonia
  B.   Macedonia
  C.   Chalcidice
  D.   Dardani

4. Why do some historians believe that Alexander and his mother, Olympias, were the brains behind the assassination of Alexander's father, King Philip?
  A.   Pausanias, the assassin, was captured but never tried
  B.   Philip had an affair with a Macedonian woman, Cleopatra, throwing suspiscion on Olympias
  C.   Alexander's friends killed Pausanias, the assassin, at the scene, not giving him a chance for a trial
  D.   It was found that Pausanias had used Alexander's sword in the assassination

5. In 332 BC, Alexander ordered the invasion of the city of Tyre, an island city in the Mediterranean Sea, previously thought to be impenetrable. How did Alexander set up the attack on Tyre?
  A.   he ordered a causeway built to the island so his army could make an invasion
  B.   he used his naval forces to attack the city
  C.   he floated his troops, horses and equipment on rafts over to the island
  D.   all of the above

6. In what order did Alexander capture the following kingdoms?
  A.   Persia, Babylon, Syria and Egypt
  B.   Babylon, Persia, Syria and Egypt
  C.   Syria, Egypt, Babylon and Persia
  D.   Egypt, Syria, Babylon and Persia

7. In 334 BC, at the ancient Phrygian capital of Gordium, Alexander 'undid' the hitherto unsolvable Gordian Knot, a feat said to await the future "king of Asia." How did Alexander "untie" the knot?
  A.   he prised it apart with an iron bar
  B.   he ordered his engineers to untie it
  C.   he used a lubricant to soften up the knot
  D.   he sliced it open with his sword

8. In 328 BC, Alexander, in a drunken rage, killed his friend and general, Cleitus the Black. What initiated the fight?
  A.   Cletius claimed that Alexander was not the legitimate king Macedonia, and that all of his achievements were due to his father
  B.   Alexander thought that Cletius was having an affair with his wife, Roxana
  C.   Alexander thought that Cletius was having an affair with his wife, Stateira
  D.   Alexander thought that Cletius was cheating while gambling

9. Why was Alexander forced to give up his quest for world domination at the Hyphasis River in India?
  A.   he found the defenses of the Indian people to be impenetrable
  B.   his army mutinied at the Hyphasis River
  C.   the terrain was not suited for fighting; it was swampland
  D.   he lost far too many men to disease

10. Alexander died at age 32 in 323 BC. How did he die?
  A.   natural causes; fever, bedridden, then death
  B.   he was assassinated by his son Alexander IV
  C.   he was assassinated by his own troops
  D.   suicide; he ran himself through his sword®   

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