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Trivia Quiz - Roman Emperors: Patrician Level

You know who the Roman Emperors of the Patrician Level are. Do you know what they did?

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Date Submitted: December 26, 2009
Quiz Categories: Ancient History
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: Cousin Jeff
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Roman Emperors Patrician Level
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1. During his long rule, Augustus encountered only one significant setback, when three of his legions were wiped out by an ambush in the dense forests of Germany. How did Augustus respond?
  A.   Sent six more legions and wiped out the barbarian army
  B.   Went in person to negotiate a peace settlement
  C.   Replaced his Secretary of Defense
  D.   Threw a temper tantrum

2. The emperor Claudius accomplished something that his predecessors had been unable to do. What was it?
  A.   The pacification of Judea
  B.   Die of natural causes
  C.   Defeat all comers in a wrestling match
  D.   The conquest of Britain

3. During which of the following disasters was Titus ruling the Empire?
  A.   The Vesuvius eruption and destruction of Pompeii
  B.   The sack of Rome by Alaric
  C.   The Antonine Plague
  D.   The sinking of Atlantis

4. The emperor Caracalla, when he wasn’t busy slaughtering people, did something to make the Empire more inclusive. What was it?
  A.   He gave women the vote for elections of municipal officials
  B.   He extended Roman citizenship to all free men in the Empire
  C.   He made the public baths unisex
  D.   He freed all the slaves

5. In 248 C.E., the emperor Philip celebrated what event?
  A.   His 50th year as emperor, a new record
  B.   250 years since the accession of Augustus as first emperor
  C.   The 1,000th anniversary of the founding of Rome
  D.   The 10,000th Christian thrown to the lions

6. The emperor Valerian had the unfortunate fate of being the only emperor to be what?
  A.   Killed in battle by an enemy army
  B.   Captured alive by an enemy
  C.   Killed by his own troops
  D.   Deposed and exiled for cowardice in battle

7. The emperor Aurelian made what major change to the city of Rome?
  A.   Razed and rebuilt the Roman Forum
  B.   Erected a triumphal arch to himself
  C.   Built a high wall around the city
  D.   Built new public baths

8. The emperor Diocletian, otherwise successful in restoring peace to an Empire in chaos, attempted what very unpopular measure during his reign?
  A.   Ending the persecution of Christians
  B.   Forbidding gladiatorial combats as they had become too violent
  C.   Establishing a personal cult
  D.   Fixing the prices on food and wages

9. In 325 C.E., Constantine I summoned what is known as the First Council of Nicea. What was its purpose?
  A.   To make Christianity the official religion of the Roman Empire
  B.   To resolve the so-called “Arian question” regarding the nature of Jesus
  C.   To decide whether Christianity should remain a sect of Judaism
  D.   To get Christians and pagans to “make-a nice-a”. (Sorry.)

10. Theodosius I was the last emperor to do what?
  A.   Rule over a united Western and Eastern Roman Empire
  B.   Attempt a restoration of paganism as the state religion
  C.   Rule the empire from the city of Rome
  D.   Speak and write in Latin®   

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