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Trivia Quiz - Roman Emperors: Citizen Level

The great, the horrible, and the odd. Do you know the most famous emperors?

Quiz Number: 3289
Date Submitted: December 22, 2009
Quiz Categories: Ancient History
Quiz Type: People Quiz
Author: Cousin Jeff
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Roman Emperors Citizen Level
(Image Source: Livius)

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1. Who was the first “princeps” of the Roman Empire?
  A.   Julius Caesar
  B.   Augustus
  C.   Pompey
  D.   Justinian

2. During the Great Fire of Rome in A.D. 64, he played the fiddle from his palace roof:
  A.   Claudius
  B.   Nero
  C.   Domitian
  D.   None of the above

3. What Roman Emperor died from eating poisoned mushrooms prepared by his wife?
  A.   Augustus
  B.   Caligula
  C.   Claudius
  D.   Phungus Amungus

4. What Roman Emperor poisoned his stepbrother, murdered his mother, and forced his teacher to commit suicide?
  A.   Tiberius
  B.   Caligula
  C.   Nero
  D.   Oedipus

5. This Roman Emperor built the Colosseum, which was paid for in part by a very unusual tax:
  A.   Vespasian
  B.   Domitian
  C.   Trajan
  D.   Coleporterus

6. This well-traveled Roman Emperor built a magnificent villa and a very long wall, pieces of which have survived and can still be visited today:
  A.   Trajan
  B.   Hadrian
  C.   Septimius Severus
  D.   Columbus

7. This Roman Emperor thought it was more fun to play gladiator than to work at being a good ruler. Unfortunately, he didn’t quit his day job.
  A.   Commodus
  B.   Caracalla
  C.   Septimius Severus
  D.   Sillius Soddus

8. Which future Roman emperor, leading his army to the gates of Rome, had a vision of a cross in the sky with the writing, “By this sign you shall conquer”?
  A.   Diocletian
  B.   Constantius
  C.   Constantine
  D.   Theodosius

9. This “apostate” was the last non-Christian emperor of Rome:
  A.   Theodosius
  B.   Julian
  C.   Honorius
  D.   Stilicho

10. This unfortunate lad was the final emperor of the western part of the Roman Empire:
  A.   Honorius
  B.   Alaric
  C.   Julius Nepos
  D.   Romulus Augustulus®   

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